“ 5 Reasons Dogecoin Will Reach $1 ”  

Written By: Anthony Lester  

Dogecoin is currently down over 70% from its original all time high of $.073. The crypto  currency market has recently seen a massive sell off over the last year causing wide spread  panic, crypto job lay-offs & crypto hedge fund liquidations. This level of volatility is nothing new  to the crypto market & can bring forth a new opportunity for investors. For those who believe  crypto currency will have real world impact long term are using this opportunity to buy more &  you should too. There are more than 10,000 different crypto-currencies you can buy, the  specific crypto currency we are going to discuss today is called Dogecoin. Dogecoin was  launched in 2014 by Billy Markus and is currently ranked 10th in the crypto-currency market  place by market cap.  

Dogecoin has amassed a massive following over the years with its easy & fun approach  to crypto & dog like memes. Although this coin was launched in 2014 as a joke, it might have a  much brighter future ahead than expect. During the last bull market, there was a large spread  movement to get Dogecoin to reach a dollar. This was unsuccessful but brought Dogecoin to  its new all time high of $.73. During this time there was much less utility & price was pushed by  hopes, dreams & a relentless community. Dogecoin today has since been upgraded & the  community is stronger than ever. Here are 5 reason Dogecoin will reach 1$. 

  1. SpaceX 

SpaceX is set to accept Dogecoin for merchandise soon. Its no surprise we are bringing Elon  Musk into this as he is currently one of Dogecoin’s biggest supporters. Elon Musk has came  out as saying in May of 2022 “ Tesla merch can be bought with Doge, soon SpaceX merch  too”. SpaceX is currently sitting at around a 100B market cap & has a following of over 25  million followers across multiple social media platforms. This has yet to happen & is a fantastic  catalyst to help Dogecoin reach $1. 

  1. Twitter Tipping 

You can currently send both Bitcoin & Ethereum as tips to creators on twitter. This service was  launched by twitter in September of 21 to help creators make contributions by their followers.  Both Bitcoin & Ethereum have been known to have high transaction costs & hinder people from  sending tips. There are talks of twitter enabling Dogecoin tips which would allow users to send money with transactions fee’s ranging from less than a penny to one dollar. This would increase  the ability for people to send their favorite content creators tips furthering Dogecoin’s ability to  reach $1. 

  1. DOGE-1 Moon Mission 

SpaceX, Unizen, ZenX Labs & energy tech firm Geometric Energy Corporations are planned to  a launch Doge-1 moon mission at the end of 2022. Doge-1 was planned to lift off initially Q1 of  2022 but due Payload issues there were delays. Doge-1 will rideshare with SpaceX’s Falcon 9  

& the missions progress has been confirmed by Sam Reid who currently sits as the CEO of  GEC. This moon landing mission can potentially dramatically help Dogecoin reach $1. 

  1. Inevitable Bitcoin Price Increase  

It is no surprise that Bitcoin has a huge effect on the overall market. Typically what we see is if  bitcoin is going up, so are Alt Coin’s like Dogecoin, Ethereum etc. Also, if the price of Bitcoin is  falling we typically see the price of alt coins fall as well. With mass adoption & the ability to buy  

crypto much easier today, I believe we will see $100,000 to $500,000 Bitcoin within the next  two to five years. With this said, Dogecoin will have surpassed the $1 goal by this time. 

Bitcoins all time high was around $69,000. $100,000 Bitcoin will push all crypto’s to new all  time highs, including Dogecoin. 

  1. Tesla Car Acceptance  

One of the most highly anticipated events for Dogecoin is Tesla accepting Dogecoin for car  payment. In June of 2021, Tesla began accepting Bitcoin for the purchases of vehicles which  shot the price of bitcoin up around 100%. Tesla has since seized all Bitcoin payments and is  currently looking for a more “ environmentally” friendly crypto to use. Elon Musk has accepted  Dogecoin for Tesla merch & soon SpaceX merch as well hinting one day we could potentially  see Tesla accept Dogecoin for the purchasing of vehicles.  

As always, Do your own research, but in my opinion if all of these catalysts were to happen we  would see Dogecoin reaching a +$1 which is a 1500%+ gain currently from its price of $.06. To  the moon!

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