My first piece for this site was titled “Our Democratic Republic Remains in Danger.” It prompted this comment from a reader named Bobby – which I welcome. (spelling errors not corrected):

Figures Basham wouldn’t mention all the lies from Biden. You see Biden is actually lying where any first grader would tell you Trump mostly exaggerated. Guess your ok with a “leader” that leaves Americans behind. Proven fact! Lied about it. Proven fact!

Funny how you called Trump a dictator, an autocrat ect ect. But never bother to mention all of the EO’s that are unconstitutional and have been struck down as such. Plain an simple your just another hypocrite leftist. It’s your DNA. Oh and by the way congrats on supporting the worst President in history. Fact.”

This was my response to Bobby:

Hey Bobby:

With all due respect, your response was exactly what I expected and very predictable. You came back using the 3 main tools your RW media uses: a) Lies; b) Weak, false equivalences; and c) Equally lame “whataboutism.”

1) Firstly, “all the lies from Biden.”

Lame – and dishonest – whataboutism. Firstly, that’s not true, your RW media’s claims to the contrary. Second, Biden didn’t lie about the 2 most important issues/challenges this nation today: #1) the seriousness of the Coronavirus, its variants, and the benefits of being vaccinated. And #2) The threat our democracy faces from the authoritarian, dictator wannabe, Trump. And third, when Biden reaches over 30,500 lies in 4 years, we’ll talk.

2) As for your statement “Any first grader would tell you Trump mostly exaggerated.”

Completely and entirely untrue – and a new low in the art of euphemism. Take the 2 lies I reference in my piece: Veterans’ choice, and the economy. They weren’t exaggerations. They were flat out lies – as I proved. Trump is a chronic, pathological, serial liar. His lies are a galaxy away from “exaggerations.”

And then we get to Trump’s homicidal lies regarding the Coronavirus. The Brookings Institution released research papers that stated we could’ve avoided nearly 400,000 deaths and spent hundreds of billions of dollars less – IF – Trump would’ve had a more effective strategy to combat the Coronavirus.

In another study by the acclaimed Lancet Medical Journal, they stated that at least 40% of our Covid deaths could’ve been avoided – IF – Trump had not dismissed the virus’s threat and instead, developed a national strategy to counter it.

Trump lied. People died. Period.

3) “Guess you’re ok with a “leader” that leaves Americans behind.”

And you know for certain (because your RW media tells you so), that it would’ve been entirely different if Trump had still been president, right? Trump was going to pull out sooner. Nothing different would’ve happened – your orange turd and his media’s lies to the contrary.

4) “Funny how you called Trump a dictator, an autocrat ect ect. But never bother to mention all of the EO’s that are unconstitutional and have                    been struck down as such. Plain and simple your just another hypocrite leftist.”

Nope, nope, nope. MAJOR false equivalence. All presidents have signed EO’s – including the orange pimple. Only ONE president tried to overturn a democratically held, free and fair election and destroy our electoral process – as designed by our founders. And that was Trump. And then there’s the fact that this is the most political Supreme Court we’ve ever had. The Biden mandate they just struck down will now lead to even more deaths of their fellow Americans. So spare me. They are anything but a arbiter of fairness.

5) “Congrats on supporting the worst President in history. Fact.”

I don’t support Trump. (I know who you meant). The fact is, that viewpoint is only held by those who reside inside what became – and still is – Trump’s reich wing propaganda media and disinformation ministry bubble and echo chamber. The fact is, presidential historians disagree with you – completely. And with all due respect, they know FAR more than the partisan liars you willfully chose to get your “news and information” from – who are paid to lie to you.

6) “PS tell Shapiro quit bugging me to get in the show.”

I have no idea what you’re talking about here. None.

All that said, even if all your Biden accusations were true – and they’re not – Joe respects our institutions and our electoral process. Trump doesn’t. Biden would never subvert an election for his own lust for power. Trump has – and continues to – all to remain in power.

And finally, I have to ask. Do you really not see the danger Trump presents to our democratic republic? Do you really not see his authoritarian inclinations? Or do you – and you just don’t care. Which is it – ignorance? Or apathy. My guess is a sizeable combination of both.

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