When the President of the United States speaks to the Prime Minister of Canada and encourages him to call a ‘state of emergency’ to silence a protest in support of civil rights – you have yourself a conspiracy against freedom.

“This is about keeping Canadians safe, protecting people’s jobs, and restoring confidence in our institutions,” announced Trudeau, in history’s least self-aware speech. 

Justin Trudeau has decided that citizens waving Canadian flags and chanting about how much they love their country, demanding a restoration of civil liberties, the right to work, and body autonomy as enshrined in international human rights treaties – all while singing and cheering with their fellow citizens – constitutes an act of ‘terrorism’.

Terrorists are not in the habit insisting governments honor their legal and constitutional obligations, nor do they choose dangerous weapons like ‘truck horns’ and ‘meme-trolling’ to bring down a regime.  

There are no guillotines sitting outside Trudeau’s palace. Ottawa spent most of yesterday calmly watching people scribble messages of support on trucks until their paint was blanketed with hearts, smiley faces, and harrowing stories of suffering. If there is hatred to be found among the protesters, it is reserved for the life-ruining COVID rules birthed in a foreign bureaucracy whose members have been bought by China, COVID’s parent. For the people of Canada, it is like being ruled over by their abusers.

Instead of seeking retribution, the Freedom Convoy has done the most Canadian thing possible – they asked for their lives back. That’s all that is happening in Ottawa. People are standing out in freezing conditions to ask for their rights while the Prime Minister puts ear muffs on and pretends not to hear them.

The world has come to look on Trudeau as the weakest link in the globalist cabal. If he can be broken, countries like New Zealand and Australia are likely to fall back into the (dare I say evil?) clutches of freedom. Each ridiculous rule issued by Trudeau – such as trying to arrest people carrying Jerry cans – is displayed to the world as an open wound. His regime has limped from press conference to press conference and now it is on its knees.

“These measures we’re taking today will help get the situation under control,” Trudeau scrambled. “The police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies constitute illegal and dangerous activities such as blockades as seen in Ottawa, Ambassador Bridge, and elsewhere,” he added, looking oddly like a school vice-captain dragged in to reprimand a sports team twice his size.


Instead of doing something sensible, like letting people get back to earning a living being law-abiding citizens – Trudeau has invoked Canada’s Emergencies Act after a bit of gentle caressing from Biden’s wandering hands.

Such a thing is not done lightly. People are being told that they should be more frightened of citizens dancing and cheering than of young radicalized Islamic men strapping bombs to their chests in search of virgins.

Trudeau’s measures represent a deliberate attack on freedom, as he says himself, “I want to be very clear, the scope of these measures will be time limited, geographically targeted, as well as ‘reasonable’ and ‘proportionate’ to the threats they are meant to address.”

No doubt, if Black Lives Matter held Ottawa under siege, Trudeau would be kitted out in blackface leading a looting of the local Nike store.

While Trudeau pretends that his emergency measures are designed to ‘open supply lines’, the protesters are there to demand that Canada open up everything. If Trudeau actually wanted to free Canada from inconvenience, he could simply do as he’s being asked. That is not what he wants. Trudeau needs Vaccine Passports, not to contain COVID (because the whole world admits that they have no practical purpose), but because Vaccine Passports are a civil license issued and maintained by arbitrary government order.

Being able to deny people access to society in the name of ‘safety’ is the ultimate control measure and it will have to be wrestled from Trudeau through the sheer weight of international criticism.

The good news is that Trudeau is well on his way to failure. Turning the Freedom Convoy into terrorists has made Trudeau a figure of global ridicule. The truck drivers are Trudeau’s victims – not in the wishy-washy social justice sense – but actual victims of a crime that is still taking place.

As soon as leaders start branding their own people as enemies of the State, they paint themselves into a red corner where they must either become an absolute dictatorship, or retreat entirely and hope the public forgets and forgives rather than chases and sues.

The truth is, Canadians are not only protesting Trudeau’s despotism, they are holding the line against a global agenda that has replicated itself across the West, infecting civilization with varying degrees of success.

Jordan Peterson commented that the media exists in a death spiral, essentially refusing to report on the basic facts of a major civil event. Without news organizations like Rebel News, a collection of citizen journalists like Andy Ngo, Brendan Gutenschwager and Drew Hernandez and the power of social media – Trudeau’s government would have been able to not only lie about the working-class revolt – but erase it entirely.

If freedom doesn’t win now it will be buried for centuries.

On a brighter note…there may be some irony in TikTok – China’s pet spying app on the West – causing fatal blows to Trudeau as videos of dancing truckers fighting from freedom and posing a threat to no one convert the masses to their cause.


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