TVT is joined by Marlon Wayons, celebrated actor, comedian, producer, writer, and film director, known for classics such Haunted House 2, 50 Shades of Black, Mo’ Money, White Chicks, and In Living Color.

With everything that’s happening in the world right now and how divided we are politically and the sensitivity of the nation, many want to know if in today’s day and age is a White Chicks 2 possible? Wayons says that now is the perfect time to do another feature. “I think we all need a great movie like White Chicks 2 to make people laugh. We all come together, when we agree to disagree, and we laugh. What we found [when we laugh] is something in common that brings us closer together. There’s nothing better than to laugh at yourself and laugh at the world. That’s the joy of what I do.”

“I can chill,” told Wayons to TVT. “I have Republican friends. We want to root for whoever. That’s the beauty of America. But, you know, if you want to be a Trump supporter, you can do it. You have every right to do it.”

There has no doubt been evidence of sequels bombing in the box office. Shapiro brings up Dumb and Dumber 2 for example. Could another White Chicks movie ruin the original? “The goal would be to try to be as good or better than the first. I would be excited to do it now, because I think we’re better comedians than we were when we did the first movie, and I think we’d better stars than we were the first movie. Society has gotten to a place where a movie like White Chicks 2 is necessary,” said Wayons.

Shapiro asks Wayons to discuss his poker prowess with the world. The two played together in 2009; however, Wayons says he is over poker. “I don’t understand [poker]. I’m not a liar and a cheat. This game does not work for me. I’m too honest. It doesn’t work. I don’t want to take your money, so now I quit that, and I just do comedy.”

In addition to playing poker in Vegas, Wayons has performed here for years. Wayons says that “Vegas is the wrong place. If you have a gambling addiction, drinking the addiction, drug addiction, even a women addiction, you are pretty much messed up in Vegas.” He admits that his vice in Vegas are the strip clubs, which he describes is like “Disney World with breasts.”

While he is hoping not to get tempted by the strip clubs this time around, he hopes that people will come out to see his comedy shows because the joke’s on him rather than the audience. “All these people don’t have to worry about me making fun of them or me making fun of hot button topics like politics. This show is about me and the things I deal with. Come laugh at my expense. I’m not going to change your life. I’m just going to change your mood,” shared Wayons.

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