TVT was joined by gorgeous and vivacious adult film actress, Richelle Ryan, a 13 year veteran in the industry. JD Sharp was all smiles, as he had the honor of sitting next to the lovely Ms. Ryan in the studio.


Hot on the heels of famed attorney, Michael Avenatti’s appearance on TVT, Shapiro asked Ryan about her perspective on Stormy Daniels going public with the Trump affair.


Ryan denied being “jealous” of witnessing Daniels’ fame skyrocket after the Trump scandal broke. “I feel like all of us girls could just say something that could make us blow up, but that’s not really my market. I don’t want that kind of attention.” Ryan has worked with Daniels in the past, even starring in a Daniels directed flick for Wicked Pictures. When asked if she believes Daniels had unprotected sex with the president, Ryan said: “I believe her, why would she lie about that?”


While Ryan seems to support Daniels in the fact that she’s “very vocal and carrying the torch,” Ryan also made it clear she feels the scandal “shined a negative light” on adult film stars. “We’re always getting attacked. They think we’re horrible people, that we don’t pay taxes, that we’re lazy. So, I wouldn’t say it helped.”


Like most performers in adult films, Ryan started off as an exotic dancer. She then shot her first sex scene on her 21st birthday. “I wanted to get paid to have sex with hot men.” When Shapiro pointed out that, while that may be true, most people have a sense of discomfort around being watched during sex. Ryan replied, “Not me, I love people watching.” Ryan reflected on her start in the industry in 2006, when big crews of 30 plus people were commonplace on set. “Now it’s only three people in a room, so it’s like, pressure’s on.”


Ryan said it’s easy for her to separate her personal life form her work. “When you’re at home, you’re with the person that you love, and that’s a very special thing. I can turn it off super easy when I’m on set.”


Celebrities and high rollers routinely approach porn stars to offer cash for a night with them, and it’s no exception for Ms. Ryan. Shapiro attempted to get Ryan to drop names of celebs who propositioned her, but she wasn’t budging. Ryan stated she feels actors, athletes, and musicians may feel more comfortable approaching porn stars over Instagram models, as girls on IG may just be clout-chasing. “They (famous men) know that they’re safe. We’re not going to run our mouths. We all have personal lives we are trying to protect, and we want privacy too.”


While celebrities may be respectful, fans always aren’t. Ryan was asked about her weirdest/creepiest fan encounter, which she says happened at a New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills game. “I was with my parents and my sister, and we were walking back to our car, way out in the off-site parking lot. Two young guys came right up to where my dad was sitting in the car, asking for a picture with me. I know I shoot a lot of MILF videos, but it was creepy.”


Shapiro asked the question most people wonder about porn stars- how did her parents take the news that she was joining the industry? “They were a little disappointed, but then they came out and saw my Vegas house, that I’m smart with my money, so then they were like ‘oh ok, we’re not too upset with you now.’”


After 13 years in the industry, Ryan is very selective about who she works with. Ryan shoots about 5 scenes per month, which she describes as “feeding the Internet.” She prefers not to work with new male performers who may be inexperienced. “I want to give my fans the best scene possible,” Ryan said. She also frequents strip clubs as a feature dancer, a big perk and pay day for most established adult performers.


Shapiro threw out a figure of a half a million dollars for Ryan’s net worth, while professional handicapper Sharp guessed it was “collectively three to five million.” Ryan played it coy by stating: “I don’t even tell my CPA what I make, so why would I tell you?”


Ryan has lived in Vegas for four and a half years. “I love it here, I never want to leave.” She enjoys placing bets at the sports book at South Point Casino after an occasional “night out with the girls.” The TVT crew put Ryan’s sports knowledge to the test and she handled it like a champ. After stating she was a big Giants fan, Shapiro gave his condolences “since the Giants have sucked.” “You can’t put it all on Eli,” Ryan stated. She also referred to left tackle Ereck Flowers as “a dumpster fire.” Sharp shared his bet for Saquoun Barkley to win the NFL MVP, to which Ryan replied: “I like that, now I want to take that bet.”


Ryan was asked about celebrities she’s enjoyed meeting through her work and connections in the porn industry. Ryan spoke fondly of the late Dennis Hof, who she met through porn legend Ron Jeremy. Hof accompanied Ryan to the American Music Awards, where she met big artists like Fergie, Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon. Ryan called Hof a “fantastic man” but only as a close friend, since they never dated. Ryan says Hof wouldn’t let her work at the ranch. “I never questioned him, he just said no.”


Shapiro spoke on how much Howard Stern inspired him to pursue radio, to which Ryan replied “Howard is the man!” Ryan appeared on Stern’s show in 2018, as part of (former intern) JD Harmeyer’s bachelor party. “Four of us girls gave him a lap dance, and he got to pick best booty. That was me, I got $500 and a sash.” Ryan reports she loved “role-playing” with Howard and it was more about the experience than the cash she received for her amazing booty.


Double-standards in the industry were discussed with Ron Jeremy being the prime example of how looks obviously don’t matter as much for men in porn. Ryan, who trains 5 times per week to stay fit, agreed with Shapiro that Jeremy is “not an attractive guy” and she could “not get turned on by that.” Although she gave credit where it’s due and stated “he’s packing a punch.”


Ryan was asked for some advice for “normal guys” who may want a chance to date her. Ryan stated she likes to see chivalry, and she was recently impressed by a guy who offered to carry her bags at Whole Foods.


Ryan rounded out the interview by discussing her pro athlete crushes, like Rob Gronkowski. She met him at an ESPN after party and described him as her “wet dream.” Ryan denies ever dating him:” I didn’t shoot my shot and I’m upset about that.”


Her newest crush is now 49’ers defensive end, Nick Bosa. “If I catch him here at Encore beach club, it’s on and cracking. Kid better watch out,” Ryan giggled. 


You can find the lovely Ms. Ryan on her MILF college invasion tour, where she’s enjoying scouting out 20 year olds. She was not shy about plugging her IG:@onlyrichelleryan and left TVT fans with this final thought: “Show your booty to get your followers up.”


It works if you’re Richelle Ryan, not Sharp and Shapiro.




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