Adult entertainment stars Alura Jenson and Kiki D’Aire join TVT to give advice on picking up women, talk about the porn industry, and share some of their experiences from being on the set.

When arriving to the studio, TVT producer Jason Stein caught the eyes of Jenson and D’Aire. “I believe we would totally do a threesome with him” said Jenson. Although it appears it was easy for Stein to charm the ladies, Shapiro says Stein needs advice on picking up attractive women like themselves. “How do you pick up women? Not just necessarily a porn star, but how do you pick up a beautiful young lady or a good-looking guy?”

“You really need to do is learn to relax around women and be yourself, because we pick up on that,” said Jenson. Being authentic and relaxed is imperative to succeeding at picking up women according to the two entertainers.

Jenson shared a story about a time at Bed, Bath and Beyond when a fan recognized her and made her uncomfortable. “This guy literally followed me around the entire store. The entire store! He finally had the nerve to come and say something to me as I was leaving. And all he had the nerve to say was: ‘I know you.” Moral of the story, if you see a beautiful woman, don’t stalk her or say awkward comments like some of her fans mistakenly do.

These two have been recognized on numerous occasions, likely because of how famous they are in the adult entertainment world. “How much time do you spend shooting a month per say, hour wise or day or day wise?” asked Shapiro. “Before it used to be several times a week. We had nine web sites, I just closed a few down, but I used to shoot three to five days a week. Now I shoot several times a month” told Jenson, while D’Aire explained “I literally used to work anywhere from twenty to twenty-six days a month shooting features for other people as well as content for myself. And now I’m down to more like a couple of times a week.”

TVT was curious what the conversation was like when they made the decision to be an adult film star. Jenson explained that “I got my start in the adult industry just before I turned 34. And I was in a relationship with someone who horribly, horribly disapproved, and I said, there’s the door. But when my mom found out, it was because my sister actually walked in on her husband enjoying himself to one of my videos. He had never met me because I been away from him for a long time. My sister and my family didn’t know that I was in the adult entertainment business. My sister saw me on the screen and immediately called my mother, a hardcore Roman Catholic, who told everybody. I didn’t hear the end of it for three years.”

D’Aire said that she had a built-In running conversation with her mother from the get go because “we used to work at the same strip club on the same shift. That was my entree into the world of adult entertainment. From there, I decided that I wanted to become a feature. So I went out and got myself an agent and started doing magazines and new pageants. My mom knew about all this, all the photos. From there I decided that I wanted to make more money as a feature and started doing movies.”

Jenson and D’Aire told TVT that they can get anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 per scene. Women get paid more than men because they absorb the bigger risk. When asked if there were any men that both women refused to work with, they replied, “Ron Jeremy,” because he has gotten older and just doesn’t take great care of himself.”

Another burning question is what is the worst thing that has happened to you while filming? Alura says it is when somebody slapped her ass. “My reaction was to take my elbow and hit him in the neck with my elbow.” This altercation was kept in the film and there is even a gif of it.

Shapiro asks if “fluffers” are myth, to which the ladies responded “absolutely.” It’s just human that that happens [men not getting aroused.] I mean, you guys are people, right? Well, I mean, we try to help out, and sometimes that doesn’t work then everybody leaves the set.”

TVT takes callers, one of which can’t handle the heat surrounding the topic of homosexuality and porn. Caller, Jay, says that porn is evil and homosexuality is sin. He even goes as far as to compare a family member being an ax murderer to coming out. “You know what I think is a sin – pushing others to your agenda. Bye, bye, idiot.” Said Shapiro.

There are many ambiguities surrounding the topic of porn. D’Aire and Jenson provided insight into the industry.





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