Milf-tastic hottie, Alura Jenson, stopped by TVT to help celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year”- the AVN awards in Las Vegas. 

Shapiro pointed out that the AVN awards are considered “the Oscars” of the adult entertainment world, and it must be an honor to even be nominated. Alura won “BBW (Big, Beautiful Woman) of the Year at last year’s AVN ceremony, which came as a bit of a surprise to her. This year, they decided to put her in the MILF category, after she lost 65 pounds.

Shapiro reminisced on a time when he served as a judge during a “BBW contest” at the Hustler club (which Alura was also a part of). Shapiro recalled one of the contestants taking a leg of Popeye’s chicken out of a judge’s hand, just to take a bite of it, and hand it back. That’s pretty much the epitome of BBW confidence right there. Shapiro also recalled meeting Larry Flynt at the contest, who he referred to as “the coolest MF in the world.”

Shapiro asked Alura if she’s witnessed any other wild things (outside of eating fried chicken on stage) at AVN parties. Alura recalled a time where two women couldn’t wait to “express their physical love for each other” and started going at it in the Hard Rock bathroom. This happened before the awards even started. “They had knees on the bathroom floor and everything,” Alura shared. Sex acts and nudity are not allowed “in public” at the AVNs, hence the urgency of these ladies getting their sexy time on in the bathroom stall.

The conversation then shifted to Alura’s experiences in the industry, and if there are performers she doesn’t like to work with. While she didn’t drop any names, Alura stated there are certain male performers that she feels have been disrespectful to her on set: “Guys get into a mindset, it’s almost like method acting. They have to get into character, and sometimes these characters are scripted as mean, violent, and aggressive. When the cameras stop rolling, some of these guys forget they’re not just with some chick they picked up at Walmart.”

Alura is certainly in a league of her own, and not at all like “the women of Walmart.” She reported that an AVN win can lead to a big increase in what an actress demands per scene, from $1,000 all the way up to $3000. But there is a caveat to this, as certain companies will shy away from booking a “big name” to stay within budget. Instead, they’ll just opt for an unknown talent.

Alura was asked how she deals with doing scenes with male performers she’s not attracted to, or maybe even repulsed by: “If someone is unappealing due to personal hygiene, or aromatic issues, I ask to put perfume under my nose or under my lips, so I can’t smell them as much. If it’s a bad attitude, I go into domination mode, which makes me feel better.” 

Her ballsy attitude was apparent when Shapiro asked who she’d pick to have a scene with, if it was between Osama Bin Laden or Hitler: “I’d make them both my bitch, face down, ass up and ready to take it.”

It’s obvious why she’s a fan favorite, with such a sassy and spunky outlook on sex. Alura said she enjoys when fans approach her and share that they’ve pleasured themselves to her a thousand times. Her response is typically: “Just wait and see what I come up with next.” 

Shapiro asked if she’s ever taken any offers from couples who want a threesome with her: “All the time,” she stated. But don’t expect her come back for seconds: “If we hook up, then get away from me. I’m a hit it and quit it kind of girl. I don’t want to give out my number.”

The title of Hottest Milf 2020 should most definitely go to Alura, considering that she actually is a mother to three grown children and still has a bangin bod. Alura agreed that the concept of “milf” has gotten pretty muddled in porn, considering you don’t even need to have kids to earn the title anymore. 

Alura’s kids are 25, 22 and 20. They think it’s “cool as hell” that their mother is a porn star. “It’s kind of a joke around the house. When my married kids go looking for entertainment, if they happen to scroll past an image of their mom, they think it’s hilarious. They laugh like hell. I raised them not to be afraid of sex.”

Alura certainly isn’t afraid to give fans a great experience on http://onlyfans/alurajenson2011 or @alurajensen1 on Twitter and IG: @alurajenson. She’s ready to make all your Milf dreams come true. Just don’t pull any “method asshole” shenanigans. 




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