Even at 42 years old, Tom Brady has remained the center of attention.  He is set to become an unrestricted Free Agent for the first time in his career.  There is a real possibility that the long time Patriot could be suiting up for a different team next year.  The popular talk of the town is that the Las Vegas Raiders could be front runners to land the veteran quarterback.  On February 3rd, 2020 hosts Sharp and Shapiro in addition to Chris Winn talked about the future Hall of Famer.


Shapiro opens up the conversation:

“My opinion on this whole thing, he could very well stay in New England.  We know that the relationship that he has with management there couldn’t be any better.  With that being said, you know, he did sell his home in Boston and it could be one of those situations where he just wants to start fresh.  He knows he might have one or two years left in his career. I do think there is a small chance, I would have said no chance a month ago, now I am saying there is a very small chance (less than 5%) that he does become a Raider.”


The Patriots should be the favorite to maintain Brady.  There have been reports that the Patriots are prepared to offer Brady $30 million a year to stay with New England although the team has recently denied such a report.  Is Tom Brady actually worth that much money? Well, the Raiders seem to think so. As of February 15th, 2020, multiple sources have reported that the Raiders are prepared to offer him a two-year, $60 million-dollar deal.  It sure sounds like the Patriots better rethink the idea of adamantly denying those initial rumors. In reality, there is no real reason that Brady should be looking to start anew.  There hasn’t been any news on the front of a misunderstanding between Brady and New England management. Perhaps there was an incident that went down. The Patriots are famous for their secrecy. 


Sharp gives his opinion:

I think he’s a Charger.  I think he is more of a Charger than a New England Patriot next year.  I think he is done with New England. He is from California. His parents are getting older.  His wife is a super model. The lifestyle makes sense for him. The Chargers have a very good offensive team around him.  He’s got a tight end. He’s got Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.”


From a personnel perspective, there is no better place for Tom Brady to go than San Diego.  The Chargers have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and have definitely moved on from Phillip Rivers.  They are looking for their next big quarterback. Los Angeles have not made their interest in Brady as clear as the Raiders, but the connection is quite obvious.  They do have many other options in the form of the NFL draft. Assuming both Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa will be gone, the Chargers can select players such as Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, and Jacob Eason to fill their quarterbacking needs.  Until free agency starts, we won’t truly know.


Shapiro asked:

“The speculation is that he was searching for places along the Red Rock area.  Again, that is speculation. You don’t think that’s valid?


Sharp answered:

“Whether it’s valid or not, the real estate market in Las Vegas is going to continue to go up so buying a property here (a nice property) and sitting on it and having a place to live in Las Vegas instead of going to the hotels.  A lot of athletes do that.


There is no debate that the Las Vegas housing market is going insane right now.  The Golden Knights and Raiders have caused a tremendous amount of buzz in the city.  Houses in the Summerlin area are becoming even more valuable than beforehand and now Henderson seems to be following suit.  It is objectively possible that Tom Brady is looking into investment property in Vegas although everyone must admit the timing is quite uncanny.  His public appearances with Mark Davis have also been at the very least calculated. Brady enjoys the public attention and knows how to gauge the country’s interest in his escapades.  The property could also just be his vacation home. There is no reason a man of his financial security can’t own multiple homes especially when he loves the Vegas fights.


Winn had this to say about the Raiders pursuing Brady:

“We are not getting that super star quarterback anymore. We are getting Tom Brady.  I don’t necessarily know if that an upgrade over a Derek Carr or some other possibilities out there.  


Sharp responds: 

“It’s definitely an upgrade.


I refuse to hear the argument that Tom Brady would not be an upgrade over Derek Carr.  Carr’s yards after the catch made up over 55% of his yards total. A number that no other quarterback in the top 5 of YAC came relatively close to.  He also led the Raiders to the 22nd ranked scoring offense in the red zone.  His 42 yards in the second half of the Jaguars game is something that Tom Brady would never allow.  The Raiders should have made the playoffs this year based on their position relative to the strength of schedule in the second half.  Assuming they draft a top receiver in the first round this year, Brady should be able to bring Las Vegas to the playoffs year one.


Chris brings up a painful memory:

“Raider fans still remember the tuck rule.  Any Raider fan that I’ve talked to about this would be irate to get Tom Brady.”


I understand that the tuck rule was heartbreaking.  I lived that reality myself. I still feel bitter about it.  With that being said, winning is the greatest medicine for anything.  Every single Raiders fan would forget about that play if they made the playoffs under Brady.  We are talking about a team that has not been relevant since 2003. The Jason Campbell years where they went undefeated in the division does not count.  A lot of Raiders fans have gone their entire life, myself included, that have not seen this team be successful. If Brady was able to bring the Vegas a championship, he would be hailed as a Raiders legend.  I also believe that Tom is bothered by people calling Pat Mahomes the GOAT already. Meaning, if he can take the division from him it would make him sleep easier at night.


Chris asked:

“I was going to pose, JD, what other outlying teams does he go to?


JD responded:

“The Titans made the playoffs.  Mike Vrabel would be his head coach as well.


The Raiders, Patriots, and Chargers are certainly not the only candidates for Tom Brady.  The Titans looked a lot like the Giants in their Super Bowl runs back in the day. They fell short meaning a lot of people are left believing that a better quarterback could have gotten them there.  I would argue that their defense against the Chiefs let them down, but I can understand the argument. The Titans are going to have a much more difficult time coming to a contract agreement with Derrick Henry and may not have the time to deal with Brady.  It has been proved in numerous years that the best running backs in the league don’t matter. Jamal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell, Ezkiel Elliot, and Todd Gurley have not been able to do it themselves.  

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