Anderson .Paak returns to Las Vegas after recently performing at the Intersect Festival. Nearly a year ago, .Paak graced the On The Record Speakeasy & Club at Park MGM for an enticing show and his second performance at the venue did not disappoint. 


The Grammy-award winning, Oxnard-born entertainer played beside his band The Free Nationals on January 9, 2020 at On The Record for a special, late-night show.


The venue, although small, packs a whopping 750 people into its doors and the .Paak show was overflowing with fans at capacity. The anticipation at the trendy spot was exceptionally high and club goers were well warmed up for .Paak by the time he greeted the audience at 1:30 a.m. fully clad in neon attire, a beanie, and his signature circular sunglasses. 


A favorite of the night was .Paak’s 2016 hit and opening song “Come Down.” The electrifying bass line accompanied .Paak’s exuberant vocals smoothly. After the first song, the singer’s name flashed upon the screen and he conversed with the audience for a moment, telling them how thrilled he was to be back in Las Vegas again. 


At every chance given, .Paak was engaging with the crowd and asking them to sing along to the tracks, which they did with high spirit and without hesitation. The small stage was .Paak’s playground. Initially it seemed that it would be impossible for a star of .Paak’s grandeur to be able to perform with the limited space at On The Record; however, he effortlessly utilized every inch of it and the bar preceding the stage became a tool for him to better entertain his fans. He danced along the bar top and joined fans on the floor of the crowd during the song “Jet Black.” A sea of phone screens obstructed any view of the star in the crowd, but he rose back to the stage after a short time to be adored by all in the crowd again. The lighting and staging worked for .Paak While it was dim and slightly cramped, it was intimate. Because he is a performer with much energy and tenacity and he loves to engage with the crowd, an intimate setting such as On the Record complimented his style. 


He soon jumped behind the drum kit to play “Heart Don’t Stand a Chance” and then later the groovy hits “Am I Wrong” and “Put me Thru.” .Paak also honored the legendary Mac Miller, fellow musician who tragically died of an accidental drug overdose in September of 2018. The two rappers were longtime friends and had also collaborate on many songs together. One of those songs “Dang!,” written by Miller, featuring .Paak, got the crowd moving and grooving at his Vegas show. .Paak sat at his drum set for the tune while pictures of he and his friend flashed on the screen behind him and the crowd sentimentally chanted “I can’t keep on losing you, you, you, you, you, you.”


.Paak is an obvious master when it comes to instruments. He swapped between drums and vocals freely throughout the show and notably throughout the song “King James.” His keyboardist and bassist of The Free Nationals were with him every step of the way. Paak’s delivered high quality vocals and his movement was entertaining to observe. You feel a part of the show and welcome in the .Paak concert atmosphere as he constantly has a smile on his face. The show came to a conclusion with his 2019 hit “Make it Better” which the crowd hollered and sang along to with fervor. 


The overall impression of the Anderson .Paak’s Las Vegas performance is that Paak put on a vivid and energetic concert. His studio recordings didn’t have any noticeable differences in quality from the live performance and you can tell that .Paak is a grateful and humble musician. Concert goers truly got their money’s worth at the Anderson .Paak show and will likely look back to the memory with adoration for the strong performance he delivered. 

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