Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, former 10 day-long press secretary who has known Donald trump for years joins TVT and Michael Avenatti.

“It was actually 11 days” said Scaramucci jokingly.

When asked whether he feels he is responsible for getting Reince Priebus fired, Scaramucci clamed that Preibus was one of the worst people he has come in contact with in his 55 years on the planet. “He is a very destructive guy, different than President Trump who is fully, frontally in your face letting you know he is a complete fraud. There is a weird part I almost admire there. But in Priebus’ case it was all howdy doody ha ha while he was backstabbing you.”

There were a lot of mistakes and bad personnel decisions in the Trump administration. The worst was getting rid of “the mooch,” says Avenatti. “They guy is very effective in communication. People like you; the press likes you. He is an intelligent guy. Thankfully he got let go because otherwise Trump would be in a stronger, safer place right now had he kept him around.”

“They would have never kept me around” responded Scaramucci. “Look at the 81 that went into the woodchipper after me. At the end of the day there is a level of insecurity there and low self-esteem. He [Trump] doesn’t like people around him that are accomplished and look at him straight in the eye and tell him ‘hey, don’t do that.”

Shapiro asks Scaramucci to take him back to the last conversation he had with trump before leaving the white house. “My last conversation was positive. He told me that I was a lucky guy, that the news cycle had already moved on to Priebus. He said he would see me in the office at 8am on Monday. I was somewhat relieved. President Trump doesn’t fire you. He doesn’t like confrontation. He had John Kelly fire me. What changed between Saturday morning with Trump and Monday when I was fired?” Scaramucci explains that he has since gotten close with Kelly. His relationship started out sorely with Kelly, but they are now friends. He even interview Kelly at the Bellagio in Las Vegas during a conference.

Scaramucci admits that he didn’t realize what a fraud Trump was immediately because of cognitive dissonance. “I was a republican promoting republican policy. I thought he’d rise to the level of the presidency.”

The final straw was the attack on congresswomen. Scaramucci told TVT that he couldn’t advocate on his behalf anymore. He then attacked his suburban wife who raises two kids. His boundaryless nature of attacking a fellow citizen is unpresidential according the white house communication director. “I am not going to tolerate that. Do I look like Ted Cruz to you?”

Avenatti explains that democrats who want to save the republic should welcome Scaramucci. “Don’t make him wrong.” It’s like when one day you love a significant partner, but you wake up another and realize that you don’t want to be with that person anymore – the relationship has run its course. Scaramucci is not wrong, especially when he is being vocal about how important it is that Trump be removed, said Avenatti.

TVT asked Scaramucci how he thinks it ends for Trump. “He will not make it to the nomination, he will not run again. Between now and March, the LBJ time period, he will announce he is not running for reelection. I’m pretty sure he will leave office on January 20, 2021 disgraced. He will say otherwise, that he made America great again. It will be a toss-up depending on who the democrats nominate. The country is not ready for socialism, so it will be a 40 state landslide if Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders get there. He is going to get impeached cause he is so lawless. I don’t think he is well either. That hospital visit yesterday is a sign that he is not doing too well. It may be neurological or cardiac related. There will be a reason he doesn’t run again is my opinion.”

To win back the white house, Scaramucci thinks democrats will have to nominate Pete Buttigieg. Someone younger than Biden, perhaps Andrew Yang. Scaramucci states that “he should be at the top of the polls. He is a moderate, inspires young people; however, if put him up against Trump, Trump would manhandle him.”

Avenatii agrees that he has no shot at beating Trump, but Biden has the best shot.

“Were in a crossfire that people aren’t thinking about this in a way that they need to, which is longtime for Americans. What I love about your show is its position towards long term thinking, what is wrong or right about policy, not left or right about policy. I’m still waiting for that transformational candidate, that post partisan candidate. Someone must defeat Trump.”

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