There was a time when people were rooting for Antonio Brown. Right after he was traded to the Raiders, the Pittsburg Steelers were painted as the villains. They were the ones who mistreated him. He even called his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a racist loser. He was going to be all business in Oakland and elevate Carr to the next level. Gruden felt as though he could home in Brown’s energy to be positive for the team. What a joke. The antics started immediately. The first story was how he nearly lost his toes with frostbite after staying in cryotherapy too long. The next week he threatened to retire because the NFL wanted him to wear a safer helmet. Right before the Raiders first Monday Night Game against the Broncos he stormed in GM Mike Mayock’s office and threatened to punch him in the face. The Raiders were actually willing to forgive him and let him play that game. The next thing we know he demanded to be released. His favor in the public eye has faded ever since.

Shapiro sets up the Antonio Brown debacle with a previous allegation:

“This is according to Sports Illustrated: The woman said Brown hired her to paint a mural for him while he was with the Pittsburg Steelers during which time he repeatedly flirted with her and came onto to her. The woman told Sports Illustrated he walked up on her while she was painting, completely naked with nothing but a hand cloth covering his genitals and casually started a conversation”

Brown has a clear lack of respect for anyone who is not himself. Women are not objects to be his play thing. Just because he sees himself as being better than everyone else does not mean we have to play along. I feel really bad for this woman who was actually sad she never got to finish her piece of art. It was brave of her to step up against Brown who really hasn’t faced any consequences. I would imagine we will hear at least a couple more woman come forward being that all these stories are so similar.

He continued with a more recent accusation:

“A Pittsburg area doctor is the latest to now file a lawsuit against former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. His name is doctor Victor Prisk. He’s filed his lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming that Brown owes him $11,500 but not only that, according to the New York Post, Doctor Prisk claims Brown repeatedly farted in his face and laughed about it during consultation after he showed up three hours late.”

There was actual audio of this occasion that you can hear on the segment. It does not even sound real. What are we supposed to make of this? Does he have a mental illness or is he so narcissistic that his literal psyche has imploded? Why would you act so inappropriate to a medical professional who spent years in school to help other people? As for the lawsuit I have no idea if something like that is worth $11,500. Where does that number even come from? Is there a fee per fart? If I know anything about America it’s that you can sue people for anything and get away with it. A woman won a lawsuit against McDonalds because her coffee was hot.

All jokes aside, Shapiro brings the conversation to its apex:

What do you make now of another woman coming forward?

Sharp responds:

“I said it last week, Antonio Brown is a sociopathic scumbag. Beyond mental illness. He built a 2,000-gallon purana tank, filled it with puranas and didn’t feed them for about a year and a half.”

Brown is like some sort of Bond villain at this point. I would hope that something would eventually catch up to him in the form of punishment. He needs to get help, but does he even deserve it? How much sympathy should we feel for someone who sexually assaults women? None.

Sharp looked into his crystal ball:

“With Belichick and company, if he acts stupid, they’ll get rid of him quick. They won’t tolerate him.”

Sharp was exactly right. Brown was released less than two weeks of being on the roster. He played one game against the Dolphins finishing with four catches for 56 years and one touchdown. The Patriots got rid of Brown as soon as reports of sexual assault came to fruition. This was a little awkward after Tom Brady allegedly offered Brown to live with him so he could get acclimated to being with the team. He has since denied such reports. For now, NFL’s darling is safe.

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