Barely into the season and already the Antonio Brown saga has more chapters than the Star Wars series. While Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL the 31-year-old athlete has been nothing but trouble for the Raiders franchise. First it was blistered feet, then the helmet fiasco and finally a heated confrontation between Brown and Raiders GM Mike Mayock.  The turmoil finally ended with the Raiders releasing Brown, but a new chapter began when the Patriots signed Brown for a one-year $15 million dollar contract just hours later.

Brian Shapiro questions Brown’s mental state of mind, “obviously there’s something wrong with Antonio Brown mentally,” Shapiro said. Shapiro then takes a more optimistic outlook and attempts to locate the silver lining in the chaos, “If there’s one coach and one organization that can tame this guy…I do believe it’s Coach Belichick and Patriots organization,” Shapiro said.

JD Sharp shares Shapiro’s opinions on the mental health of Brown and even takes it a step further stating that Brown is potentially showing signs of early CTE. Searching for possible motives and explanations Sharp goes on to question if this entire charade was mutually engineered by Brown and the Patriots organization. “I wonder if the Patriots were tampering the entire time,” Sharp said. Pointing out that the Patriots organization, which is arguably the smartest and most successful organization in the NFL, could potentially mastermind something to get Brown out of his contract with the Raiders.

Chris Winn brings up the point of the dangerous precedent that this sets for the NFL. Sharp agrees citing the group of Miami Dolphins’ players that wanted to jump ship after a lackluster performance against the Baltimore Ravens. “I think Antonio Brown should have been suspended for the rest of the season,” Sharp said.

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