As I walk into the third store looking for Zinc to treat my ailing, corona-riddled wife, I am asked, ever so politely, if I have a mask.  Only because the clerk passed the friendliness test (he was not one of the super righteous members of the mask gestapo) I dutifully donned my magical, yet incredibly porous, Covid fighting fabric utensil and resumed the tedious task of big nods and loud hellos to replace the typical reassuring smile which gets me through the beautiful journey of interacting with strangers and acquaintances alike.  As I arrive at the proper aisle I find where the medicine and vitamins once were, replaced by empty shelves with naked price tags to ensure I am indeed looking in the right place.

As I camouflage my outrage with a sarcastic comment to the attending pharmacist about how we all have masks and Valentine’s Day candy, but no Zinc, the one thing I know will stop this terroristic gift from China from replicating exponentially.  I even have the secret delivery system which will deliver the cure to the interior of her cells.  I can not name the secret delivery system because these safe and prize-winning medicines are now illegal, while recreational drugs are becoming increasingly legal and even promoted.  After the pharmacist surprising replies through his surgical mask, “…and the masks don’t even work,” I can’t help but smile.  This unexpected dose of truth from a medical professional working for one of the biggest drug distributers made leaving the store without further tantrums much easier than it could have been.  This should be the end of the story, but I have been replaying these events in my head for days.

Everyone is screaming about masks that do not work, treatments that do not work, vaccines that do not work, and most of all, tyrannical policies which simply DO NOT WORK.  One of the singular objects which scientifically stops the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is zinc.  This element is the magic vasectomy which eliminates reproduction when introduced to the virus.  Zinc has trouble entering the interior of our cells, but the delivery system for such treatment is an article for another day.  What cannot be understood is why I have not seen a single news cast explaining how dangerous running out of zinc is to the population.

While other countries are sending vitamins and zinc to every household, some governments are playing repeated public service announcements about the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily.  Finally, some governments are recognizing natural immunity and withdrawing passports and mandates, while our government has not budged one inch on many failing policies when their focus should be squarely on the variety of therapeutics which have proven to save lives.

We have testing sites on every corner yet none of them tell you where to get treatment.  We receive tens of millions of results every day, yet not one email says, “click here for monoclonal antibodies,” or where to get the Covid pills by Moderna, which reportedly alleviate symptoms, hospitalizations, and death by 90%, or where to get zinc and the delivery system medicines which have proven to work repeatedly.

If being safe was truly more important than being free to those who believe they are virtuous, they would be demanding the same things I am demanding, sans the whole forced compliance verse liberty thing.

We used to be the country of differing ideas on how to reach a mutual goal, unfortunately this is no longer the case.  Alas, this article is not about equity verse equality, it is about the health and safety of our loved ones, it is about quality of life first, and quantity of life second.  I still hold out hope that the “opposition” does share these goals and if that is the case, let us agree we need better leadership, more accessibility to treatments that work, and a media that can calm us, not pit us against each other.  I do not want to fight about Covid anymore, I would much prefer to save my energy to argue over pronouns and nuclear family values.

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