Storytime in Las Vegas is getting a little more exciting. Some Las Vegas Clark County Libraries are taking part in a national movement called Drag Queen Story Time. The event is very much the way it sounds in which men dressed in drag read stories to children.  Chris Davin of Equality Nevada for one welcomes the diversity and touts that the events encourage tolerance and acceptance. “It shows youth that everyone is equal, and everyone is unique in their own way,” Davin said.

Events like this one have taken place in libraries around the nation but not without push back. Groups like Massresistance, a right-wing group that promotes conservative moral values, have petitioned to have the events shutdown. Groups such as Massresistance claim that Drag Queen Story Time promotes homosexuality and confuses children. Davin does not view the group as a real threat to the overall success of Drag Queen Story Time.  “It’s a group that has nothing better to do so why not attack people because we’re having fun and they’re not.” Davin said.

Davin does not let the negative push back effect their Storytime and claims that there’s more support than opposition. Davin also isn’t bothered by the parents who don’t necessarily consider themselves homophobic but still have concerns about the questions that exposing their children to Drag Queens could bring up. “If you don’t want your kids exposed to it then don’t bring them,” Davin said.

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