Last year, horrific scenes from Melbourne went viral around the world. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews – nicknamed ‘Dictator Dan’ – deployed counter-terror units to shoot rubber bullets and otherwise assault Freedom protesters.

Union workers were disowned by Union bosses, women found themselves choked by Victoria Police, pregnant mothers were handcuffed in front of their children, old men suffered heart attacks as they were arrested for not wearing masks, and grandmothers were shoved to the ground and attacked with capsicum spray.

It was tangible evidence that Australia’s democratic freedoms were in mortal danger.

As a nation, we remain balanced on the edge of ruin. Will we continue to embrace the World Economic Forum policies being tabled in parliament and dissolve into a paranoid socialist parasite, or will the looming federal election install an unofficial alliance of minor conservative parties with the balance of power?

We don’t know.

Either way, American commentators have been shaking their heads at the mess saying, ‘this wouldn’t happen if Australians had their guns!’ In other words, Australians have been unable to defend their liberty because they don’t have the right to bear arms.

Under Prime Minister John Howard, most citizens were required to surrender their guns in a nationwide weapon buyout that ran between 1996 and 1997 (and then again in 2003). It was a response to public outrage following the Port Arthur massacre which turned swathes of the Australian public against private gun ownership. In total, over 700,000 weapons were recovered by the authorities and then destroyed at a cost of $304 million, paid for by raising the Medicare levy (which is meant to fund Australia’s universal healthcare system).

Despite the perception in America, plenty of Australians still own guns – particularly in rural and regional communities. There are close to three million registered guns in Australia (for a population of 25 million) and around 500,000 illegal weapons in the hands of organized crime. We are not a gun-free zone, but nor are we gun-loving.

There is an understandable ‘culture-shock’ between America and Australia when it comes to guns – something that is lost in translation despite these two nations being otherwise quite similar in concepts of liberty, patriotism, and democracy. The historical reasons for this are complex. Whatever role guns played in the past, the question remains, are they playing an active role today?

Australia’s political class has flexed its tyrannical muscle in the last two years. Partly due to its geography as an island, Australia’s cities have been among the most locked-down places in the world and subject to genuine dictatorial behaviour. To be fair, these same cities have also played host to some of the largest anti-Covid protests in the world.

As an Australian, my question to America is, have you fared much better?

Did your guns protect you from Covid fascism, vaccine passports, tyrannous government health orders, and other punitive measures?

Have guns stopped President Joe Biden using executive orders to override the normal process of democracy?

Was the economy crippled?

Did people turn on each other?

From across the pond, it looks as though America’s enshrined liberties have been far more powerful when it comes to combating Covid policy than weapons. Having watched health mandates challenged in the American courts, many liberty-minded Australians have started calling for the same protections that America enjoys, starting with freedom of speech.

Australians have never fought a genuine civil war against the government and are currently struggling to contemplate that an ordinarily benign government has betrayed us in favor of expanding its authority. Those shouting loudest about the creep of tyranny are immigrants that escaped nightmare regimes and are terrified to see shadows of that evil in Australia. They are the canaries shrieking behind the cage bars.

The vast majority of Australians still believe – despite mounting evidence to the contrary – that politicians are just ‘trying to keep them safe’. If the bulk of Australians owned weapons, they would be more likely to use them against Freedom protesters rather than their Big Brother government. It is not uncommon to find appalling comments on social media to the effect of, ‘if only Victoria Police had used real bullets.’

Dear America, if Australia lost its freedom when it surrendered its firearms – how do you explain the mess Biden has made of America? Even with a formidable Bill of Rights and personal armories’, your puppet president has been able to exercise dictatorial powers. It has long been my belief that ideology protects Western Civilization. If the bulk of society rallies in support of individual liberty, politicians cannot behave like dictators.

The infiltration of our education system by Marxists has left both of our countries with several generations that want nothing more than to live as unthinking slaves to a totalitarian ‘father’ state. It is this mental erosion that has led hashtags like #FreeDumb to trend. Depraved regimes exploit civilization’s philosophical weakness.

We call patriotism ‘terrorism’, freedom ‘dumb’, and choice ‘selfish’. Apathy has destroyed our liberty and gunpowder will not save it.


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