It’s a battle of morality with President Donald Trump and Mark Sanford, presidential candidate and former governor of South Carolina. Who has the moral high ground in a situation like this? Both Trump and Sanford have a history of infidelity and divorce so is it pretty much a pick em?

Host Brian Shapiro feels Trump has zero ground to stand on when attacking Sanford. Referring to Trump’s tweet that called out Sanford’s affair while labeling Sanford and the other Republican nominees as “badly failed candidates.”

Co-host JD Sharp feels differently. “Once you’re in office your behavior has a standard,” Sharp said. For Sharp it’s that distinction that gives Trump the edge over Sanford. The disappearance of Sanford in 2009 that was pitched to the media as a hiking trip then a vacation to Argentina turned out to be an extramarital affair. During this time Sanford was very much in office unlike Trump who was just a citizen when he had an affair with a pornstar shortly after his son’s birth. While Sharp emphasized that he does not condone the behavior of either of Trump or Sanford; the difference in the timeline of events is enough to give Trump the high ground over Sanford.

Radio personality and friend of the show Chris Winn pushes back against Sharp’s argument. “Whether they’re in office or not, I don’t see why that’s even relevant,” Winn said. Winn’s statement sparks Sharp to bring up former politicians who have also committed infidelity like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Winn continues to push back by stating that Trump has been a public figure for years so the presidency shouldn’t give him a clean slate.

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