CNN Anchor Don Lemon addressed a segment that drew criticism from Trump in which the host laughed and basically mocked supporters of the president in very general terms. Lemon and host Rick Wilson in the segment portrayed uneducated Trump supporter hicks, who didn’t know maps or geography, read, or understand math. They were talking about the Pompeo blowup with the NPR reporter where Pompeo allegedly swore at an NPR reporter, asking them to pick out Ukraine on a map. Unfortunately, there is no audio to prove this occurred, but Pompeo did admit that he yelled at her, while not admitting anything else. Now, the state department has banned the reporter from covering him, which is utterly ridiculous. 


For the Republicans who are haunted by the segment, and are criticizing Don Lemmon, his guest, and CNN, but have never criticized Donald Trump for going after a woman based on her looks, for the video when he said “grab them by the *****,” or going after John McCain and horrible insane things he does on a daily basis, you have something called zero credibility. If you side with Donald Trump, and don’t criticize his behavior, you cannot criticize others. If you support him, but can still acknowledge these faults, then you are more in the right. In Don Lemon’s case, he is a professional, on CNN as an anchor, and what he did was unprofessional. What he should have done, which he didn’t, was move on and talk about Pompeo and the issue at hand. The dramatics of taking Kleenex and wiping his eyes, pretending he was crying in laughter, was extremely unprofessional and makes CNN look bad. 


 The hosts invite callers to share their opinions, some almost supporting Lemmon’s portrayal. It isn’t a secret that Trump supporters blindly follow and support him for the most part, turning a blind eye to a lot of his shocking behavior. Some, however, called in to express their understanding that Lemon has received impolite words from the president, so the moment wasn’t as offensive to them as others.


Don Lemon and Rick Wilson’s segment was a pretty good example of the division in our country, and the reason Trump was elected in the first place. Trump was smart in appealing to the middle class, which feels the pressure of dying off everyday. In our economy, we have the ultimate rich and the devastatingly poor. Middle class will soon be so small; it may as well not exist. Many candidates have appealed to the rich and poor, but the forgotten middle class was hand picked and spoken to mostly by Donald Trump. The promises he made, and the work he’s done, has truly worked in their benefit. It also pits them against wanting to work with the rich, or help the poor, because someone is finally helping them. Behavior like that of Lemmon and Wilson only further pushes that division by making them feel bullied and small. If the Democrats, far left, and anti-Trump reporters stopped making fun of Trump supporters and did the work to educate and communicate, perhaps there would be more work toward a common goal. Perhaps they should take a page out of Trump’s book and treat them as people and actually see them. This in no way supports Trump as a president or any of his foul behavior, but there is a reason he is in office. There is a reason that the turnout of voters in the election that resulted in his presidency happened. 


Finally, if we approached each other with understanding, and professionalism, and held ourselves to the standard we hold each other, there would not be the vast division in our country. Perhaps, if we opened the floor for conversation rather than bullying, high school mockery, we could solve the global crisis. Perhaps, if a news anchor can act professionally, even when talking about someone he doesn’t like, the practice can be seen by those who don’t normally feel heard or respected, and his voice will reach them rather than turn them away. 

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