Okay, this might seem strange for me to say this, but all the destruction that is happening in America is not President Joe Biden’s fault. 

Yes, he has shut down the energy sector to try to install the Green Fake Deal and he has done it on purpose. He said he would do it during his campaign speeches and he did. This destruction has done more to lead to rampant inflation and recession (yes, we are already in a recession) than anything else.

But don’t blame Joe. 

The invasion on the southern border is very real and while the Fake Old Media refuse to cover it, it is leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans annually through fentanyl and is increasing our crime rate horribly.  

Oh, speaking of crime rate. That’s not Joe’s fault either. Democrat cities are under siege with homelessness, murder, violence, mayhem, you name it – it is happening and Leftist politicians are watching from the sidelines.

But don’t blame Joe for this. 

Russian’s invasion of Ukraine, don’t blame Biden for that. What could he have done? The fact that Putin waited until Donald Trump was out of office to begin the invasion had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s weakness and inability to stay on his bike. Nothing at all.  

I could go on and on, but bottom line: Don’t blame Biden for the destruction of America — blame every damn Democrat in power right now! They are the ones watching and cheering from the sidelines. 

Biden will be gone soon, perhaps sooner than we think. When the Democrats and their Compliant Media decide the time is right he will be removed. Eliminated. Gone. Bye-bye. Toast. When he has outlived his usefulness to fulfill their wishes he will be gone. The only reason he’s not gone already is Kamala Harris is a total train wreck. Oh yes, they would’ve done this long ago if she had even been halfway competent. But of course, she is not. 

The Democrats in power are using these vacant shells of people (Biden and Harris) to accomplish everything they know they couldn’t get otherwise and that the American people do not want. When Biden is gone they will try to wash their hands of this horrific destruction and blame it squarely on him. You can hear them now, “We don’t know why Biden did this! No, we didn’t want to see this happen! Poor Joe, he just wasn’t right in the head”.

They want this destruction and they have found the perfect pile to blame it on so that they will not be held accountable. 

We must hold every damn Democrat in power right now accountable for what is happening! Period. It is beginning already in small elections and it must be a landslide in November. Remove them all!

Don’t blame Joe – that accomplishes nothing.

Blame EVERY damn Democrat in power.

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