2020 began with many new albums from various musicians. The one on most people’s minds is Eminem’s Music to be Murdered By. Particularly for Las Vegans, the song and music video for the track “Darkness” has been stirring controversy.  


It references the October 1 shooting. There are parts of the video where he’s in a room, getting room service, and setting up cameras on a table, just like shooter Stephen Paddock did. The video is shot from Paddock’s perspective, even mimicking him shooting at a crowd. 


No doubt, it’s difficult to watch. Shapiro shares his personal connection to the Route 91 Festival, mentioning that anyone connected to the travesty would be impacted by Eminem’s video. 


“I was supposed to be there that day. It’s certainly personal to me. Instead, I went to a Vegas Golden Knights pre-season game with a friend of mine who works at another station. The friend I was supposed to go with was shot in the back. She was there with her mom and now she’s learning how to walk again. Her life will never be the same again. There will never be a day that goes by that I forget what those people have gone through and what they continue to go through. And those 58 innocent people that lost their lives at the hands of a madman,” says Shapiro. 


Shapiro says he is bringing up Eminem because this video showing images of the October 1 shooting and re-creating what took place is disgusting. He also states that he is disgusted that Eminem has done nothing to help the victims and their families. “He is recreating events that are hurting people,” says Shapiro. 


“He is going to profit off of this,” comments Sharp. “With 77 million subscribers on YouTube, he will likely make a couple million dollars.” 


“If he’s leveraging this to create a scene for his music video, he better give some money back all of his albums and their family. I’m not going to sit here and say that he hasn’t done a lot of charitable things in the past; the Marshall Mathers Foundation, 8 Mile Boulevard Association and 9 million. It’s estimated that he’s raised over 180 million dollars to help people – but we’re talking about Detroit. This is about a shooting that took place in Las Vegas where 58 people lost their lives. Thousands of people’s lives have been affected. And at the end of this video he’s talking about gun control, but to my knowledge, he’s done absolutely nothing to try to do that,” says Shapiro. 


He goes on to suggest that he should contribute 5 or 10% of his proceeds from the album or even the song to help the victims and their families. “I have a serious problem with what Eminem has done because he’s hurting people. He’s bringing back those horrible images that people have and he’s trying to profit off of it.”


Sharp makes a valid point that “you could argue that the video is actually making Vegas look like a dangerous place to the rest of the country. This is going to get billions of views and when they think of Las Vegas, they’re going to think about the shooting.”


Overall, some worry that the video will hurt Las Vegas tourism. 

Caller, David, shares with TVT that he was at the Route 91 Festival on October 1, and that watching Eminem’s video got him “choked up.” There is no doubt that the video hits home for anyone connected to the tragedy. 


“How about if you’re really talented and you put out a good album, people will buy the album because they want to buy it because it’s good, not because it’s controversial,” says Shapiro. 


Sharp and Shapiro share their thoughts that they believe Eminem will likely do something for Las Vegas as a result of the pressure on him. 


Shapiro concludes the segment by asking Eminem to step up. “I believe that you didn’t have to be at the venue to get choked up watching this video. You know how many people lost loved ones? Those 58 people that lost their lives. Brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters, moms, grandmothers – all those family members have to listen to this crap. I’m livid. Eminem, you better step up, man. You’re worth half a billion dollars, but you better step up.”

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