Legendary porn stars and Las Vegas locals, Katie Morgan and Evan Stone, joined TVT to reflect on their respective careers in the industry and talk a little politics.


Shapiro kicked things off with a bang by asking the couple about Stormy Daniels, who Stone has worked with in the past. Morgan shared that while she doesn’t consider Daniels a close friend, they’ve become acquaintances through the industry and even share the same birthday.


When Morgan was asked if she was jealous of the notoriety Daniels received after the Trump scandal, she gave a definitive “No.” Morgan continued: “I feel sorry for her. It never occurred to me that I could know the next Monica Lewinski. It’s bizarre to see that happen to someone you know in real life.”


Stone and Morgan were asked about getting their big break as adult film stars. Ironically, Stone is the one who started off a dancer, which is the usual career trajectory for women in porn. Stone was a back-up for Chippendales, until he got called on stage and made a big impression. He then parlayed that attention into superstardom as an adult performer.


Morgan’s journey into porn is a much windier road, with a federal felony thrown into the mix. Morgan shared that she never stripped pre-porn, and was just an innocent 19 year old girl working as a Pet Store manager. As many teenagers do, she then made an impulsive decision to help a friend out with money problems. But before Shapiro could call her “Mother Theresa Morgan,” she revealed the help entailed smuggling marijuana from Mexico into the United States. 


Shapiro asked how Morgan ventured into porn after putting the weed smuggling incident behind her. “Several factors went into it, like being bored, horny and broke,” Morgan joked. Unable to find work with a felony on her record, Morgan found herself laying around all day and watching porn on VHS tapes. “I’m dating myself a little here, but it literally occurred to me like a light bulb coming on – That’s their job! That looks like fun. I want to do that.”


Morgan stated she was married at the time, and knew she’d be a good fit for porn, because she and her husband were already swinging and having group sex. “I was already very open sexually,” Morgan said.


Shapiro pointed out that, while Morgan and Stone have been dating each other for a few years now, Morgan is still legally married to another guy. Shapiro opined that his “worst nightmare” just may be marrying a beautiful woman like Katie Morgan, then “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Evan Stone shows up. “I may just kill myself” Shapiro said.


Morgan kept things candid when she divulged the details of her messy break-up, including when she and her Ex were still cohabitating as she was dating Stone. Morgan and her husband couldn’t come to an agreement on how to divide the house financially, so they literally built a wall to split the home on the inside. “There were two kitchens and two equal sides, square footage wise, so it actually kind of worked out,” Morgan said.


Morgan’s Ex finally ended up moving out and she hasn’t heard from him in almost a year. “He won’t tell me where he is and won’t send his address to send papers.”


Shapiro took a moment to reflect on his own dabbling into the poly/open lifestyle “I tried it and hated it.” Morgan pointed out that it’s difficult for most men to share their woman, but, one of her and Stone’s favorite thing to do is to have orgies.


“It’s actually really hard to throw an orgy,” Morgan lamented. She explained that getting the ratio of men to women right was the ultimate challenge.


When asked about any awkwardness with having sex on camera, Morgan reported she loves the voyeurism aspect, not only of the people on set, but knowing her scenes will be watched by thousands of fans. Stone’s response: “I never look beyond the girl.” He did, however, share that things can get a little weird on set, like when the grip or best boy may take a stick to gently lift his junk to get the best shot.


Since Morgan’s Ex was discussed so candidly, Shapiro asked Stone about his ex-wife, Jessica Drake, who ironically also claims sexual assault by Trump. Shapiro recounted an incident when he upset Drake on the AVN red carpet. “That’s so easy to do!” Stone laughed. Shapiro admitted Drake walked away from him when he asked some graphic questions, to which Morgan seemed to come to Drake’s defense. 

The discussion then veered from porn to politics, with Shapiro asking the couple for an opinion on Trump. Morgan stated: “He’s not my favorite person, I didn’t vote for him.” Morgan agreed Trump was not attractive. “Maybe 30 years ago he wasn’t horrible, but he’s so old now.” Shapiro asked Stone if he feels Trump has watched any of his scenes, to which he replied: “I’ve done so many films, he’s had to.” 

Shapiro asked Stone’s opinion on the controversial Alabama Abortion law, to which Stone provided a fairly political response: “It’s not defined in the constitution when a person becomes a person, until the Supreme Court decides, there’s so much grey matter either way.”

Morgan stated that she was “child-free by choice” which is a rarity in her industry. With Morgan’s Ex now out of the way, and out of the house, Stone and Morgan are enjoying living together (Stone moved out to Vegas over a year ago, Morgan’s been in Sin City since 2006). 

Shapiro guessed that collectively, Morgan and Stone have made 10 million through their work in Porn. But don’t automatically ask them to buy you a round at the bar, as Morgan dropped that figure down to between 6-8 million. “HBO has residuals, thank you to the mainstream,” Morgan said.

When asked if she likes mainstream work, like her performance in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Morgan stated: “Of course, I love the acting. I’m not a sex worker, I’m just a very slutty actress.” 

Morgan plugged her feature dance tour, where Stone sometimes joins to “give out lap dances.”  She stated the question of whether she “does privates” (escorting) comes up when she’s dancing, but it’s just not her thing. “Probably why I’m not a millionaire.”

You can find the beautiful Ms. Morgan on Twitter @thekatiemorgan and on Facebook. Stone is also active on Twitter @evanstonexxx.



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