The Black Lives Matter movement has reached a new low, with co-founder Patrisse Cullors excusing the charity’s $90 million profit as ‘white guilt money’.

‘It was a major shock. You know, contrary to what – you know – has been reported, much of the funding that came in was from individual donors. That was a lot of white guilt money. There’s a lot of white folks being like, “We just go to put the money.”’

The official charity account reports that it has $42 million in assets left – including a mansion in Los Angeles.

Monetizing racial hatred and civil division has become a ‘virtue’ in recent years, with proponents of the Black Lives Matter – especially those who lorded over the temporary region of CHAZ – caught on camera demanding money from innocent ‘white people’ to pay for the sins of people who share their skin color.

It’s hard to imagine a place further from the dreams of racial equality that were realized by the end of the nineties.

Well, you know what they say – always be careful about social movements that come at you with a raised fist because they’re usually looking to punch you in the face if you resist their demands.

Charities in general have been getting a bad rap lately. Not only does it appear that Western aid has been propping up brutal warlord regimes in Africa for half a century, event-charities like those organized for Haiti have led to allegations of sexual violence perpetrated by aid workers and missing millions. In Australia, more than half of the $282 million collected for bushfire victims was ‘kept’ by charities while families and the elderly were left living in tents (until they were shamed into handing it over).

If you were thinking that these instances of negligence would lead to tougher scrutiny in the charity industry – you’d be wrong. Black Lives Matter is proof that these organizations can operate behind closed doors, keeping secrets from their donors with very little effort put in to making sure that the money goes where it was advertised.

Cullors was one of the people in charge of handling the $90 million collected by Black Lives Matter in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

We say ‘murder’ but Floyd was a criminal – a convicted armed felon who had recently threatened a pregnant black woman and her unborn child. One medical examiner alleged that Floyd had taken a fatal dose of Fentanyl before getting behind the wheel of the car he was arrested driving. The Fentanyl in his system, whether fatal or not, is cited as being a contributing factor to his bizarre behavior caught on camera during the arrest and his claims of ‘not being able to breathe’ which started before he was held down on the ground. No one who saw the footage of the arrest could deny that Floyd was acting in an irrational and dangerous manner while engaging in multiple crimes, but people who spoke out about his criminal record and the circumstances behind his death were labeled white supremacists. 

Criminal activity in America often results in fatal action by the police. ‘Death by police’ has remained relatively stable for the last ten years, with more white people being killed every year than any other group. Black criminals have a fatal encounter will police at a higher rate than white – if you run the numbers by percentage of population – but the figures remain consistent with the rate of crime committed. Black Lives Matter do not like to acknowledge that black crime is substantially higher than any other ethnic group in America and as such, young black males are getting themselves killed – not because of race, but because they are voluntarily partaking in serious criminal activity.

George Floyd is one of these men, yet despite being a criminal with a disgraceful record, he has been deified and presented to children in schools across America as a ‘role model’. He is also the figurehead around which the Black Lives Matter movement was able to milk millions out of the population who were desperate to look ‘virtuous’ on social media. It was money that kept piling up even as Black Lives Matter riots led to widespread looting, violence, assault, theft, intimidation, racial hatred, vandalism, and multiple deaths.

In a normal world, the group’s activities would have been enough to get it classed as a domestic terror organization, especially with its message of racial supremacy and the deliberate targeting of white Americans by its protest groups.

For months, Black Lives Matter made the streets around the world unsafe for citizens who were attacked based upon their race. At the same time, cultural objects and buildings of rich and significant heritage were damaged or destroyed in a widespread act of cultural vandalism.

Profiting from this global act of racism is bad enough, but now there are questions about what actually happened to the money that was intended for black community public service programs. It seems a lot of it ended up invested in multi-million dollar properties for the Black Lives Matter management team.

One of the movement’s former organizers admitted that the charity was ‘not prepared’ to handle the tens of millions flowing into the movement. At the same time, she claims that the ‘mistakes’ that were made with the cash – presumably referring to the purchase of mansions – is being ‘weaponized against her’ by the press.

Cullors resigned from the charity after a $3.2 million property portfolio was discovered and publicized. It was also found that she had used money from the Black Lives Matter charity to pay her friends and family large sums of cash for ‘consulting’ purposes. Another $8 million mansion was also purchased in Toronto, Canada, with money that was specifically earmarked as a grant for charity.

‘I should have taken a salary from Black Lives Matter because it would be less confusing for people and I regret that I didn’t. Some of my mistakes are being weaponized against me and also the entire movement, and that’s truly disappointing to see us fall into that as well.’

It’s ‘truly disappointing’ to see activists raking in millions of personal profit for a ‘charity’ that was meant to be helping lots of black people – not just a handful at the top.

‘I’m a human being that has made mistakes that want to change, want to challenge those mistakes and want to learn from those mistakes. And I think what’s been hard is feeling like there isn’t room and space for that.’

To be fair, her entire movement is not about ‘learning from mistakes’ it’s about making people feel guilty about the color of their skin and then extorting money out of them. That’s not a ‘mistake’ – it’s a disgrace.

‘When you make movements, when you build movements, it takes thousands of people to do it. And that often means lots of mistakes are being made.’

Well, that’s what history is too – a series of mistakes that society learns from and moves on – but you cannot create a movement based on moral purity and then beg for forgiveness when it comes to light that it has become exploitative, violent, and corrupt.

Black Lives Matter should live by the rules it created, and give back every cent that was diverted for personal or inappropriate use.

The reason Black Lives Matter chose to keep the purchase of mansions quiet was apparently due to fears about the ‘right-wing media’.

‘We had to make sure there was serious protocols around it, serious security protocols.’

Oh the irony of the ‘defund the police’ movement demanding safety… More likely, they knew how dodgy it would look if a handful of organizers were swanning around in mansions while poor black communities were left to live in the smoldering remains of communities looted and burned by Black Lives Matter rioters.

‘There’s a difference between transparency and then protecting security culture in organizations. I’ve thought about this a lot because for the request to have BLM be fully transparent actually makes BLM more vulnerable and makes the people who are inside BLM more vulnerable.’

The truth is, if you want to abscond will tens of millions of dollars in public donations, you have a responsibility to tell people what you’re doing with their money. If it turns out the money is being used for purposes other than what was explicitly stated, it quickly becomes fraud. No one is saying that line has been crossed, but that is the danger of frenzied social movements.

Black Lives Matter has never answered for the global civil unrest that it created, the violence resulting in at least nineteen deaths that occurred during its riots, the damage to businesses and historic buildings, or to the sheer cultural rape that continues under the lie of ‘equity’.

No charity should be allowed to collect money by preying on racial hatred, but there are a range of Marxist movements running around that manage to exploit feelings of guilt and fear about immutable identity for financial purposes. Their presence in the modern world is a symptom of endemic failure of the West to guard itself against depraved and predatory social movements.

The $90 million Black Lives Matter guilted out of the public pales in comparison to the $2 billion worth of damage – much of it committed in black communities – that innocent people were forced to pay for. It made these areas substantially poorer, tore open racial division, and decimated thousands of black businesses and communities where sustained looting has driven companies away leaving these areas with a reputation for being lawless smoking ruins of crime.

Why is that ‘progress’ and ‘equity’ look like the final scenes of a post-apocalyptic tragedy?

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