Casino host legend Steve Cyr, and the “Parlay Princess” Nadia Nicole stopped by TVT to discuss a few of their favorite things- Vegas sports betting, awesome house parties, and Playboy.

Shapiro couldn’t help but point out how attractive Nadia looked in studio, since she was rocking a 49ers hat and happened to leave her bra at home. Cyr pointed out that it’s a “Vegas rule” for her to go braless, and it’s also his preference for her when he throws house parties. 

Showing people a good time is what Cyr has mastered after 33 years as a casino host. His book “Whale Hunt in the Desert,” documents all of his adventures working with celebrities like Larry Flynt, Michael Jordan and Montel Williams.

But Cyr explained that big stars don’t always make the best clients: “One of my biggest players invented the Erie Dearie fishing lure. He bets a quarter million every month for the last 17 years. I don’t think he even finished high school. Some of the biggest celebrities are actually stiffs.” 

Cyr didn’t hesitate to let the world know about “Stiffin Pippen” and his measly four dollar tip. Yes, Cyr once shockingly witnessed multi-millionaire Scottie Pippen tip his bellman/chauffeur four one dollar bills after an entire day of catering to his every need. Michael Jordan was the direct opposite, a class act who tipped everyone a cool $100 bill each time they provided him with a service. 

With such high-profile clients, Shapiro asked about Cyr’s most lucrative night as a casino host. Cyr shared that he once made commission off a seven million dollar loss for one client. “The car I’m driving was from that commission. It also paid for my daughter’s college tuition for two years.”

But before we all quit our day jobs to apply as a casino host, what goes up must come down, and Cyr’s definitely had his fair share of crushing losses. Cyr described one particular experience where he “threw up in a trash can” from all the anxiety and stress: “It was Super Bowl weekend, a few years back when the Raiders played Tampa Bay. I had a guy down “a million, 9” and betting 50k per hand on blackjack. He doubles down and then wins. So he wins his two million back, and another “million, 7” more. This is before we even go to the game. I worked with this guy for two years, but I got nothing. I’ll just say he didn’t take care of his host appropriately. I made zero.”

Ouch. But, while most would’ve given up on this client, Cyr stayed loyal and ended up making his money back when this client came back to play at his “lucky place.” “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Cyr explained.

Cyr is actually a “licensed junket rep” which sounds old-school because it is. He went through an extensive background check, where even his high school teachers got interviewed. So when you pick Steve Cyr as your host, you know you’re getting a solid dude who doesn’t come with a shady past. Cyr works with multiple casinos, but “the Palms is mostly my home.” He also works with Viejas out in California.

But don’t try to typecast Cyr as a “corporate” kind of dude, because he’s much more about serving his clients than being a company man: “I don’t do well with corporations, I’ve been fired nine times.”

Despite his misgivings about the corporate world, Cyr is going strong at the Palms. But, enough about him- there was an incredibly hot chick in the studio and the mic finally got turned over to the lovely Nadia Nicole.

There’s hot, and then there’s “next level Playboy hot” and Nadia is certainly in the latter category. Not only is she a former Playboy playmate, but she’s received the new prestigious title of the “Parlay Princess” after she hit a $15 dollar parlay for 45k. “She has an algorithm that’s crazy cool,” Cyr said. They met at the Hard Rock 15 years ago and became fast friends.

But before diving into her gambling acumen, Shapiro had to ask about her experiences as a Playboy playmate. Nadia revealed that she set her sights on Playboy very early in life, and she was confident that she’d be chosen. She was still a high school student when she got her first boob job, which was during Christmas break of her senior year. Her mom paid for half, and Shapiro couldn’t resist pointing out that she essentially “paid for one boob.”

Once she was officially selected, Nadia got immersed in the Playboy lifestyle. She went to all the mansion parties for the next three years. Nadia stated she never met Hugh Hefner at any of her photo shoots, but she interacted with him at the parties. She denied that he ever blatantly hit on her, or asked her to move into the mansion. “He was always surrounded by girlfriends,” Nadia explained.

Other celebrities Nadia met at the mansion were the cast of Entourage, Pauly Shore and Ron Jeremy. She called Pauly a “really good friend” although he initially creeped her out after he showed up at the Roosevelt hotel to ‘”find her” the day after he first met her. The TVT crew joked that he must’ve been trying to get her to watch “Bio-Dome” with him.

It wasn’t too much of a shock when Nadia revealed that Ron Jeremy was an aggressive douchebag who “whipped it out” at every opportunity. “I think he hangs out in the line to the ladies room and just keeps going down the line showing his penis,” Nadia jokes. JD Sharp chimed in that even men are not immune from Jeremy’s member being whipped out. Sharp recalled being at a party at the Hard Rock, with a group of four guys and one girl. Even with that ratio, Jeremy still felt the urge to show off his package.

It seemed the image of Ron Jeremy grossed everyone out enough to switch the conversation back to sports betting. Nadia described that she had 13 teams on her now infamous $15 ticket that hit for 45k. She still does parlays and has hit for up to 20k on other occasions. She’s been a pro in sports betting for five years now, and is now more focused on money lines and over/unders.

Despite her success, Nadia reiterated a life lesson we all know – that big victories often bring “haters” into the mix. She described a culture of negativity in the sports betting world, where her Playboy past has been used against her, to paint her as ditsy and not intelligent.

It’s no secret that people are often intimidated by smart, beautiful, sexy women. Shapiro didn’t seem phased though, when he suggested a perfect date night for Nadia might be a guy saying “let’s light some candles and handicap some game together.” Nadia was in agreement that may just be the date of her dreams. TVT fans, it may be time to slide into her DMs and shoot your shot. 

You can find the lovely Nadia on Instagram at Nadia_nicol on Instagram. Once you realize she’s out of your league though, just switch over to Amazon to pick up Steve Cyr’s book “Whale Hunt in the Desert: Secrets of a Vegas Superhost.” It’s a much better use of your time.

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