1. Budget.
Create a budget and use it as a plan for your income and expenses. It’ll give a purpose to every dollar.
2. Track your income and expenses.
The budget is just a plan.  Learn how to handle it, keep it and ultimately grow it. Monitor your expenses to make sure your money is not going to waste.
3. Emergency backup cash.
You need an emergency fund. If a money emergency comes around and you’re cash-strapped it will be a major problem. Think of that the next time you’re about to buy some unnecessary stuff.
4. Avoid bad debt.
Bad debt is stealing from your future. Avoid it and pay what debt you have down.
5. Invest regularly.
 Set a goal to invest a certain percentage of your income every month. DCA in and stay invested. It’ll pay off in the long run.
6. Increase your income.  
You can increase your income by starting a side hustle. There are lots of side hustles you can start online. Other ways to increase your income could be negotiating a raise or switching jobs.
7. Grow your skillset. 
Learning new skills, getting new experiences, watch your health, and strive to improve. 
8. Stick with your goals. 
You won’t get rich overnight. It takes time and commitment. But you will get there if you’re consistent with the steps above.

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