“Hitlerfan” should never be a personalized license plate, t-shirt or hashtag, but Grand Valley State Football assistant coach, Morris Berger might say otherwise. The TVT crew covered the shocking story of Berger’s recent fan-boying of Hitler, yes ADOLF Hitler. (In case there was any confusion).

It was “Winning Wednesday” in the TVT studio, so all three crew members were present to offer their take on the coach’s vile comments.

Shapiro quoted Berger, who lauded Hitler’s “leadership skills” in a public interview. Berger even chose Hitler as the person in history (dead or alive) that he’d want to sit down with for a lovely dinner: “This is probably not going to get a good review, it was sad and he had bad motives, but the way he was able to lead, was second to none. How he rallied a group and the following – I want to know how he did that. Bad intentions of course, but you can’t say that he wasn’t a great leader.” 

Wow. Just, WOW.

The comments led to Berger getting suspended, but Shapiro felt this was too light of a punishment considering how insensitive and inhumane his remarks truly were: “Suspension is not enough. He should have been fired. He praised a man who is responsible for killing seven million people.”

Winn chimed in to point out that Michigan State is considered a “Powerhouse Division 2 program,” meaning Coach Berger is not just some bum-fuck town nobody. What’s truly scary is that he actually has some power and clout. “This is just not beneficial at all for that program, or for college football as a whole,” Winn stated.

Sharp then brought up a very important point – that Berger’s view and fandom of Hitler’s “leadership” is completely twisted/misguided because Hitler never actually “led” anything: “The only thing he did was use manipulation. He convinced people that another group of people weren’t human. That’s actually the opposite of leading,” Sharp said.

Shapiro brought up that someone who is leading young men should not be giving props to literally “the worst villain in the history of the world.” Winn name-dropped some other historical figures in the “evil club”- Hussein, Bin Laden and Stalin. The consensus was that Hitler still takes the “prize” as most evil.

Winn felt this Coach Berger incident was an exercise in complete stupidity: “The guy is a moron. The thought process is completely off the rails.” Shapiro did not hold back with his opinion: “It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy is just a scumbag, piece of garbage anti-Semite. We should give Mel Gibson a call and see what he thinks.”

The TVT crew posted a poll on Twitter and referenced it in real time, which led to some shocking results. Half who participated felt that the whole Berger situation was “blown out of proportion.” The other 50 percent felt that he should have been fired.

Shapiro again ripped in on the people who thought Berger’s comments were “no big deal”- “You’re deplorable if you think that way.” Winn stated you could even argue that people who think Berger should stay on as coach might be anti-Semitic and/or racist. “There’s just something wrong and you have some real issues.”

The crew mulled over whether this situation was comparable to public figures who have been caught saying the “N-word.” “I think they go hand in hand, both are fireable offenses,” Shapiro said. Sharp disagreed: “I think this is actually much more egregious. If you repeatedly use the N-word, two or three times, then you should be fired because it’s a pattern of behavior.”

Shapiro stated that the repetition factor should be irrelevant, and even saying the word once shows bad character.

Speaking of bad character, Shapiro reminded the TVT audience that anyone who makes positive comments about Hitler, even if it’s praising something as innocuous as his moustache, should be fired and should never be allowed to be in a leadership role. 

Shapiro concluded with a beautiful illustration that good still exists in the hearts of good people. On the most recent AVN red carpet, Shapiro asked several porn stars – who would you rather sleep with, Hitler or Osama Bin Laden? Almost all picked Osama. “They made the right choice,” Shapiro stated.

Now it’s time for Grand Valley State to make the right choice and give Coach Berger a.k.a “Hitler Fanboy” the official boot. 

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