I identify as a Chinese Spy Balloon

Put it this way, a Chinese spy balloon can cross the border into the United States and hover around nuclear missile bases, but I can’t … because I’m unvaccinated. This means that the official line for national security – a message that the US government is happy to broadcast to the world – is that unarmed, uninfected tourists from Australia present a greater risk to public health than a 200-foot-tall surveillance balloon from a communist dictatorship.

There are so many former presidents rolling around in their graves that the ground is moving.

The dodgy balloon has since been shot down off the coast of California and is in the process of being fished out of the shallows by the Navy and FBI. If the Biden Administration’s intention is to dispel conspiracy theories surrounding the balloon, they probably should have given its remains to an institution more trustworthy than the FBI.

When CBS says things like, ‘The FBI has been evaluating evidence collected from debris field in the Atlantic at the bureau’s lab…’ people are left to wonder if it’s sitting next to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Also unhelpful to the quelling of conspiracy is the discovery of three more ‘unidentified high-altitude objects’ off the coast of Alaska which were promptly gunned down ‘out of an abundance of caution’.

‘Intense embarrassment’ may be more accurate, given that ‘caution’ has never been of interest to the Democrats. Remember when Biden got into a Twitter war with Russia over the US Space Station? For a while there, the Democrats were prepared to let the monstrosity crash into Australia if it meant winning an argument online.

This week, #Aliens has been trending on social media because the US government made some poor choices when describing the additional balloons.

The internet is full of headlines such as, Project Blue Beam: WEF Insider Reveals ‘Fake Alien Invasion’ Will Unite Humanity and the far more serious headline from news.com.au that read: We don’t rule out aliens and we don’t know what the octagonal UFO we shot down is, Pentagon chief says.

No, this nonsense that passes for ‘news’ didn’t come from Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s playful tweet claiming that these were just ‘friends of mine stopping by’.

It was part of a bizarre quote from an even stranger press conference regarding one of the smaller items that officials shot down. General Glen VanHerck, who serves as Head of the US North American Aerospace Defense Command, actually said:

‘I’m not going to categorise them as balloons. We’re calling them objects for a reason. What we are seeing is very, very small objects (the size of cars and buses) that produce a very, very low radar cross-section.’

When asked specifically if these objects were alien or extraterrestrial in origin, he replied:

‘I’ll let the intel community and counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.’

What he should have said was, ‘Of course not, don’t be ridiculous.’

This is not to be confused with John Kerry’s 2023 Davos speech in which he referred to himself and his World Economic Forum mates as ‘almost extraterrestrial’.

‘It’s pretty extraordinary that we, a select group of human beings, because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet – it’s almost extraterrestrial to think about saving the planet.’

Which sounds a bit like he’s addressing a support group for alien abductees who remember their anal probe experiments.

Back to the balloons. CNN spoke to fighter pilots who reported some strange behaviour regarding their contact with one of the objects. Some said it was interfering with the sensors on their aircraft while others were confused about how an object the size of a car was able to stay in the air, given its design.

Let’s get a few things straight.

When it comes to our friends from the stars, finding alien life would take longer than locating Biden at an Easter Egg hunt. Secondly, the last thing the US government would do – even under the direction of the worst leadership in a century – is shoot down a craft belonging to an advanced race of space-travelling aliens. No one is that stupid, except perhaps the Iranian regime. Thirdly, casually refusing to rule out aliens was probably intended to create useless social media noise in order to distract people from side-eyeing China’s military incursion into US airspace. The US government would rather people freak out about a non-existent alien threat than ask difficult questions about Beijing relations.

One wonders how many of these balloons have been sniffing around and for how long, given the Biden administration’s reluctance to do anything about them until the overwhelming weight of public mockery and international embarrassment forced them to act. If the general public hadn’t noticed the huge floating spy balloon, those ‘unidentified objects’ would still be hovering over nuclear missile sites.

Unfortunately, what we are witnessing is leadership via the mob – or more particularly – leadership via social media hashtag.

Sometimes the outraged mob forces politicians to do the right thing, as we see here with the bits of broken spy balloon littered over the country, but at other times, the mob gets it very wrong.

Either way, good leadership is not a ship blown about by pitchforks and screeching. This is the sort of poor discipline and bad behaviour indicative of a government obsessed with opinion polls and online approval ratings rather than running the country. The shallowness of this type of government displays an extraordinary level of recklessness.

When mob rule goes wrong, it creates catastrophic consequences, the most obvious of which is the Covid pandemic. There is no scientific reason preventing me from stepping on a plane to the US. If, as is most likely, I am not Covid-positive, I pose no risk to anyone. If, as stated by pretty much everyone these days, vaccines don’t stop transmission, then I am a net zero addition to the risk equation. And if I am infected with Covid, I will be flying into a country with millions upon millions of active cases.

The reason for America’s ridiculous vaccine passport regulations is because mob rule has been in charge for the last three years. Pandemic fear has led to the installation of idiocy. Instead of unpicking this era of crazy, political leaders are terrified of admitting they were wrong. If they say, ‘Yeah, those vaccine travel mandates make no sense, let’s get rid of them!’ that would mean coming clean on how they were created in the first place.

Vaccine mandates and Chinese Spy Balloons have a lot in common – they are both symptoms of a weak US regime.

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