In August of 2021, a hopeful hashtag trended on Australian Twitter: #IStandWithTruckies.

It started when rogue truck drivers expressed their fury on TikTok over the implementation of mandatory vaccines, state border closures, near-continuous health checks, fines, being locked out of roadhouse facilities, and general government overreach.

At the time, states like New South Wales and Victoria were subject to permanent lockdowns where citizens were kept under virtual arrest within 5km of their homes, unable to work or see their families. Australia was trapped in a ‘Covid-Zero’ mentality, hiding from the pandemic with unthinkable government overreach destroying businesses and civil rights.

The plight of the truck drivers was latched onto by the community as ‘freedom by proxy’, with people from the cities begging truckies to go on strike and cause as much chaos as possible to put pressure on state premiers who had stopped listening to reason.

Unfortunately, while the idea was right – the timing was all wrong.

It was pre-Omicron. Almost no one in Australia knew anyone who had contracted Covid. Federal and state welfare programs were paying the lowest income workers more than their usual wage to sit at home and watch Netflix. Freshly announced vaccine mandates were for one dose only, and there was still a belief that they would ‘stop transmission’ and ‘prevent death’. There were no Freedom rallies, and the shocking footage of Melbourne counter-terror units shooting protesters at the Shrine of Remembrance had not happened.

Complicating things further, there were huge truck strikes related to pay disputes being held on the same weekend, with Toll Group fighting the Transport Workers Union along with StarTrack and FedEx drivers threatening to join in. The #IStandWithTruckies protest was, at the time, an opportunistic move by desperate independent drivers. Their small GoFundMe page was taken down when it reached $4,000 and when the day came for the strike to take place, only a few political representatives from minor parties showed up to support the handful of trucks blocking the freeway north.

These first few protesting truckies were condemned for ‘threatening supply lines’ by the mainstream media.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the largest truck convoy in human history has snaked its way through Canada – joined by a procession of cars and people – in protest against Prime Minister Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and Covid health orders.

The timing for maximum political chaos could not be better.

Big Pharma’s ‘our Covid vaccines will save the world!’ has collapsed into ‘four shots doesn’t seem to be working’ while deaths and associated vaccine injuries have finally been acknowledged. Omicron is so mild and transmissible that it has spread through the world’s last remaining hermit kingdoms, meaning that there are enough people who have recovered from Covid to smash apart the ‘we’re all going to die’ fear-mongering that sustained previous emergency powers.

There is now irrefutable global proof that vaccine mandates have no basis in science leaving many, even the ‘fully vaccinated’, to walk away from Covid health orders in disgust. The response from leaders like Trudeau has been to impose increasingly cruel and irrational mandates – including monthly fines, denial of medical service, and the separation of children from their parents.

In the middle of a harsh Canadian winter, with supply lines strained beyond capacity, fed up truck drivers capitalised on the perfect storm and succeeded in terrifying the Canadian regime with Trudeau spirited away into hiding after calling his own transport network ‘terrorists’.

I wrote in a Rebel News article in 2021, ‘Truck drivers hold one of the last cards in the fight for freedom. An unapproved strike is one of the few eventualities that those involved in managing the pandemic actually fear.’

The #FreedomConvoy2022 has the world’s Covid Powers quite literally hiding in terror. Governments cannot fix supply chain shortages if truck drivers refuse to work. If politicians fail to feed their people, those politicians have no choice but to back down. Short of a full French-style revolution, a transport protest is an effective way to dethrone a regime of snivelling political children playing at being kings.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News addressed one of the crowds supporting the truck drivers. In freezing conditions and with a soundtrack of blaring truck horns he said, “I see a lot of cameras – a lot of independent journalists – because when people say, ‘what do we do about the media?’ I say, ‘you become the media!’ You have got to tell the story yourselves. Justin Trudeau says that you’re extreme – but he is the one who has violated your civil rights. He says that you are ‘fringe’. Well, this is a pretty bloody big ‘fringe’.”

Once it worked in Canada, the hashtag of hope spread. People around the world can smell metaphoric blood. The Covid-regimes are wobbling. Citizens are sick of tyranny.

Australian premiers openly admitted last week that many Covid mandates were about ‘control’ and ‘feeling safe’ rather than science. It was the last straw for many, and now there is another truck protest planned – not that you’d know it with no coverage in the Australian press.

The timing is perfect.

The ABC reports that between a third and half of the trucking and transport industry is absent from work every day due to Covid infection – despite industry-wide mandates. Supermarket shelves in major cities are frequently empty of basic supplies. Major highways through South Australia are closed due to flooding pushing trucks deeper into the outback.

A protest convoy is set to hit Australia’s Capital city on Monday at 10am to circle Parliament House in Canberra. Truckies are coming from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia to show solidarity with Canada. They want the Covid mandates gone and their jobs back.

Australia will once again say, #IStandWithTruckies.

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