• Accept your flaws.  When you accept your flaws you aren’t controlled by your flaws.  Acknowledge them as part of you and you’ll be more confident.


  • Improve your body language.   A negative body language can make you feel nervous and awkward. Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up. It will display confidence to both you and the world.


  • Exercise.   Do it every day.  Your body responds to it and releases hormones that make you feel better. 


  • Improve your skills.   This may seem obvious but mastering your craft will make you more confident. Learn and improve on a daily basis.


  • Face your fears.    Step out of your comfort zone and face the scary stuff. Turn that fear into courage.


  • Focus on what you can control.   Worrying destroys  confidence and makes us miserable.   Focus your energy on the things you can do something about.  Let the things you can’t control go. 


  • Invest in yourself.    Invest in your brain, body, mind and work ethic.  Investing in yourself translates to improving yourself. 

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