Australia has gone mad – locked in competition with Canada for the crown of ‘Miss Covid Crazy’ with prize money donated by Pfizer.

Up until 2018, Australia was known as a land of beaches and scary wildlife where the biggest travel risk ‘down under’ was the prospect of being killed by something as mundane as a cone shell. Now, there’s a very real chance visitors will be locked up for thought crime.

Many of us watched in shock as World Number One and defending champion Novak Djokovic was thrown in detention, dragged through the courts, deported under guard, and then banned from entering Australia for three years. Anyone would think Novak had paddled over the border on an Indonesian fishing boat rather than being in Melbourne at the invitation of the Victorian government. Contrary to social media ravings, Djokovic was not deported because of visa shenanigans. The Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke, made it clear he exercised his special power to evict the Serbian on ‘health and good order grounds’ claiming that the presence of an unvaccinated sporting celebrity risked ‘exciting anti-vaccination sentiment’.

What does this mean for Australian citizens opposed to vaccine mandates? No one knows, but Australia has watched in alarm at Quebec’s ‘health tax’ on the unvaccinated in what looks like a poor-taste throwback to the pre-French Revolution gabelle (salt tax). When the world saw footage of Freedom protesters being shot with rubber bullets as they sought refuge at The Shrine of Remembrance, Australia’s famous ‘where the hell are you?’ tourist campaign swiftly turned into ‘what the hell is going on?’

The Labor government in Victoria, led by Daniel Andrews, deployed armored vehicles and heavily armed counter-terror units who were filmed assaulting little old ladies in the face with capsicum spray and smashing rifle muzzles into people’s backs. When the Union movement revolted against its bosses over mandatory vaccination orders, ex-Labor Leader Bill Shorten called them ‘man-baby-Nazis’ while the press insisted they were ‘not real union members’ despite the crowd wearing CFMMEU jackets. These were scenes that gave the world pause. A bookmark, if you like, in the Australian story. It is doubtful political observers have grasped how deep the ideological rot has festered. Violence on the streets is merely a symptom of the greater evil playing out in our ‘lucky country’.

A lot has been said about ‘mass formation psychosis’ after Dr. Robert Malone’s (now banned) Joe Rogan interview. Essentially, it is the hypnosis of society by fear. Dazed and afraid, humans seek authority figures to ‘lead them to safety’. The problem is, frightened people can be led anywhere, including into a dystopian hell-scape.

Australia’s naivety as a nation and ignorance of civil unrest has left us defenseless in the face of textbook propaganda. Believe me when I say our politicians are stupid. They lack the charisma or skill of historical regimes and have instead succeeded in constructing an empire of fear because Australians didn’t know it was happening. Our government has never ‘hurt us’ and so Australians extended ‘good faith’ in the political class beyond the point where segregation, discrimination, and dehumanizing speech became sanctioned by all levels of government.

Outside of major cities, there are very few police per person which makes enforcing Covid Health Orders a statistical impossibility. The Police Force, under direction from state premiers and the federal government, encouraged members of the public to act as citizen informants. Websites were set up to dob in strangers, friends, family, and businesses while specialist detectives combed through Twitter and Facebook, hunting down attendees of Freedom protests. Prior to Australia’s unfortunate global fame, a heavily pregnant woman was arrested in her home in front of her children because she ‘liked’ a Facebook post supporting a Freedom protest. The (natural) outrage of the Australian people was short-lived. Within six months, resistance to savage policing and ruthless harassment became ‘popular’.

Generally speaking, the overwhelming sentiment is, ‘if we have to suffer – so do you!’ Instead of fighting against our chains, Australians want every single person in shackles. That way, we are equal in our misery, enslaved to what can only be described as an increasingly fascist state obsessed with failed health policies.

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