Jacob Wohl, a.k.a. “Trump’s Dirty Little Trickster” called into TVT to prove he’s more than just an “internet troll” and “right-wing conspiracy theorist.” Despite the unflattering labels from the media, Wohl proved he’s also a fairly polished, and well-spoken 22-year-old who can handle the heat from the TVT crew.

Shapiro kicked off the interview by asking Wohl about the current crisis in Iran. Wohl was quoted as saying he’d be the first one to enlist in the military if the United States goes to war. Wohl did not back down from his original claims: “If we go to war with Iran, I’m happy to join and fire the first shots.”

Shapiro told Wohl it may be “fair” to call him a right-wing conspiracy theorist based on some of the whacky claims he’s made against the left. Wohl stated he doesn’t consider himself to be a conspiracy theorist, because he doesn’t believe in the more classic, large scale conspiracies involving 9/11, or the moon landing being fake.

Wohl may not believe 9/11 was an inside job, but he sure has some other whacky beliefs – like his claim that Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has a hidden life as a dominatrix who solicits male prostitutes. When asked if he actually has credible evidence to back this up, Wohl gave a response which proved he may have too much time on his hands. (Maybe it’s time for Wohl to just get a job at Starbucks, like a “normal” millennial): 

“We had a very credible witness come forward, a U.S. Marine, who has a background in sex work. He told us about an encounter (with Warren). We have plane tickets, transportation and hotel records that match up exactly with her FEC expenditures. Clearly he was involved with her.”

Wohl also stated that Warren has “alluded to having an open relationship with her husband,” and this should give the American public “serious pause” about electing her as President.

Shapiro then confronted Wohl with the obvious question – as a Trump supporter, how could he view Warren’s “alleged swinging” as abhorrent behavior, but then be okay with Trump cheating on his wife with various women, including porn star Stormy Daniels?

Wohl proved he’s not afraid to go full force with the misogyny. While it wasn’t as brazen as “grab em by the pussy,” his response was more in the vein of “classic sexism,” which gives all men a pass for bad behavior: “There is a huge difference between a man doing this, and a woman, and anyone who’s ever met a woman can tell you the difference.” (Um, sure Wohl. You’re lucky there were no females in the TVT studio to challenge this ridiculous claim.)

Shapiro did not back down from the debate. He pointed out that, not only did Trump cheat, he paid Daniels 120k a week before an election, and hid it from the American public. Shapiro stated he’d rather have a President who’s into an open/polyamorous lifestyle rather than a shady, lying cheater like Trump. 

Wohl claimed there was nothing wrong with Trump paying off Daniels to keep quiet, because it was “free and open commerce.” He also stated it was “gross” and “less classy” to be in an open relationship, in comparison to someone who just cheats on their partner. “If they’re furries or something of the sort, they should just keep that to themselves.”

Wohl repeatedly denied that he only comes after the Left. He claimed he’s “equal opportunity” when it comes to investigating corruption. Through “Project 1599,” Wohl, along with his partner (lobbyist) Jack Burkman, have offered all 2020 candidates the opportunity for a polygraph, drug test, and a thorough dig into their background. So far, Bernie Sanders has been the only one to receive the “seal of approval” from Wohl and his partner.

Shapiro brought up that “The Daily Beast” had obtained audio footage of Wohl and Burkman trying to pressure a potential “victim” toward making false sexual assault allegations against Pete Buttigieg. In addition to that scandal, Wohl and Burkman also championed a smear campaign against Robert Mueller (also related to sexual assault). Shapiro pointed out there have been concerns with Wohl’s background and credibility in his business ventures. For example, he portrayed himself as an experienced hedge fund owner back in 2016, which would have been impossible since he was just a teenager.

“That’s quite the cacophony of smears there,” Wohl replied. He maintained the accusations against Buttigieg were real and the “victim” simply
“cracked under the pressure,” after his friends and family received hundreds of calls and threats.

Wohl decided to plead the fifth when asked why California authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. He also held back on talking about his feud with famed attorney Michael Avenatti. When asked why he goes after him so much, Wohl basically pointed the finger at Avenatti for initiating the conflict. Wohl stated Avenatti blamed him (Wohl) after he was arrested for domestic violence, claiming it was all a set up. “I’ll be able to talk more about that once his legal issues are concluded. I don’t want to give him an edge in court,” Wohl stated.

When asked about his conversations with Trump, Wohl again played it coy and did not give up the details: “I maintain contact with the Trump family. I don’t agree with everything the President does, but I have a lot of confidence in the leadership.”

Shapiro concluded by letting Wohl know he still believes that he (Wohl) is a conspiracy theorist, but he’ll have him back on the show if he gives up dirt on Trump. Wohl didn’t promise that, per se, but gave a little teaser on what may come: “We’ve got open files on several people in the Trump administration. These people are up to some shady stuff. We’re close to concluding these investigations.”

Wohl’s TVT appearance may have given rise to a new nickname: “Trump’s Dirty Little Teaser.” We’re here for it, as long as Wohl comes back on TVT to address pressing matters that call for answers, like – how often does Trump actually bang Melania? And is Mike Pence secretly gay? We, as a nation need to know. 

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