Brian Shapiro and JD Sharp, hosts of The Vegas Take, discuss John Bolton’s upcoming memoir titled “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir and the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.” 

Shapiro comments, recently, a lifelong Republican John Bolton released a statement indicating there was a quid pro quo between President Trump and Ukrainian officials concerning federal aid and investing the Biden for the 2020 election cycle. More details will be released in John Bolton’s upcoming memoir The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir. 

Shapiro continues, after John Bolton’s “eleven years” of faithful service to Fox News, their pundits from Lou Dobbs to Tucker Carlson are now systematically attacking John Bolton. Shapiro goes on, Fox News pundits are out to protect the President at all costs, “they are biased buffoons wearing the Donald Trump knee pads.”

Sharp responds, “There’s nothing there.” Sharp explains all we have is a manuscript indicating President Trump telling Bolton that “the 400 million dollars of foreign aid to Ukraine was . . . predicated on the fact that he [Trump] wanted to get information on Joe Biden so he [Trump] would win the 2020 Election.”

Sharp continues, there is no corroborating evidence at all. John Bolton “is trying to profit off [of his memoir] for a reason. That in itself destroys his credibility.” Sharp believes John Bolton will not take the stand. 

Sharp goes on, however, if the allegation is true and John Bolton testified, then Hunter Biden is likely to take the stand. Sharp explains Hunter Biden’s testimony would indicate why President Trump was justified in looking into the Biden’s.

Shapiro replies, “It is more than justified” to assume John Bolton would take the stand. More and more Republicans are flipping and wanting to hear what John Bolton has to say, “they only need four [republicans].” Shapiro continues, the only thing that would hurt John Bolton’s credibility is if he takes the stand and testifies to an opposite narrative indicated in his memoir.  

Shapiro continues, even if the allegations are accurate and the Bidens broke the law, it doesn’t matter. Shapiro explains, If the Bidens broke the law, then open a separate investigation. “This is a trial to try and figure out if the President of the United States committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Sharp replies, the trial is not about figuring out if the President did something illegal. The trial is all about “removing him [President Trump] from office.” That is what the Democrats wanted from day one. Sharp continues, “the point is [] you need twenty Senators to turn on Donald Trump.” 

Sharp continues, in light of how well the economy is doing any evidence, “would need to be clean and clear” to justify impeaching President Trump. No Republican Senator would risk losing reelection by voting to impeach a President who is widely popular with his political base on hearsay.    

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