If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, you are no stranger to Jose Canseco. His resume includes AL Rookie of the Year, six time All-Star, 2 time World Series champion, AL MVP in 1998, 2-time MLB home run Leader, amongst other things. His career stats include 462 homeruns and 1,407 RBI’s. That’s enough to put him 37th all-time in Home Runs and 76th all-time in Runs Batted In. He even became the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in one season. His record is nearly flawless. That would be until he announced he took steroids in 2005 with his book “Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big”. Not only did he announce his use of performance enhancing drugs, but he also detailed a slew of other players using PED’s. Following his retirement in baseball, he also got involved with boxing and mixed martial arts. On October 2019, he opened a car wash here in Las Vegas. He joined hosts Sharp and Shapiro to discuss Tom Brady, his car washing business, and more.

“Whoever buys a monthly membership [to his new car wash], will get two balls to try and dunk me into the dunk tank”.

This, of course, was about the exciting grand opening to this new business. I did not think anyone could ever be so excited about washing cars, but he has found a way. It reminds me of any interview involving Gene Simmons. If you’ve never listened, he is selling so many different products associated with his likeness it would make your head spin. Should these two ever collaborate, it would be more powerful than any presidential campaign in this country’s history. Conseco went on to talk about his live podcast he would be recording from the car wash location. After some investigative reporting, said podcast could not be found.

“To me, the risk reward is not there [on taking steroids in today’s age]. Back in the day, taking PED’s was about getting big contracts and really there were no fines. And now if you get caught, you get fined, you get game suspensions. Now are there new drugs coming out that maybe can’t go undetected? Maybe. I don’t even think they will be categorized as doping. It could be something like gene manipulation.”

Whether you believe every name Jose Conseco has accused of taking steroids, you cannot deny that the 80’s and 90’s were the best time in baseball history, and it was due to steroids. Players were simply not being punished for taking steroids because it made the game so entertaining. This era saw Barry Bonds climbing the home run record books and players like Jose’s teammate Mark McGwire hitting home runs like it was going out of style. Mr. Conseco is probably the only guys from that time who understands the game for what it was. He knew what kind of money you could get from elevating your game to that level.

“Well I don’t know how the NFL tests for this stuff [in regards to whether or not he believes Tom Brady is taking performance enhancing drugs]. I really can’t comment on something I don’t know about. Do I think there is a possibility? Absolutely.”

Jose was careful not make outlandish claims on Tom Brady. The statement at the end has me believe he does think Tom Brady is on PED’s. Perhaps there is no one better to speak upon what steroids can do to prolong your career than him. Father time comes for everyone and that includes Brady himself. We saw the same thing happen with Peyton Manning. He had the greatest single season or a quarterback in 2013 posting 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns. Considering he had season ending neck surgery in 2011 that seemed impossible. We even saw a slightly embarrassing downfall for the face of football in 2015 despite winning the Superbowl that year. It was painful to watch. How could he be so bad after having the best years of his career? In 2016, a report came out saying that Peyton Manning may have been taking HGH since 2011. The NFL cleared his name of any wrongdoing. The poster boy for the NFL was never in harm of being indicated for steroids. Tom Brady seems to be following a similar trend. He is playing some of the worst football of his career averaging a second worst 6.7 yards per attempt. Since the Patriots have the best defense in football the discussion has been put on the backburner. Don’t be surprised to see some accusations following his retirement.

“I used to have the biggest crush on Kathy Ireland [in response on the one who got away]”.

Jose Conseco is no stranger to celebrity gossip. The baseball legend claimed that Alex Rodriguez was cheating on his wife Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife. Shockingly, every party involved denies that being the truth. Conseco claims he will go to a lie detector test on this one. It would appear he is taking this story to his grave. Who knows what really happened? I’ll leave it to the expert analysts at TMZ to decide. I thought it was interesting that Kathy Ireland was the one he wanted to go for after being floated around with names such as Madonna. Who am I to say? She did have 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

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