28-year-old NBA star Kawhi Leonard has everything. Leonard was instrumental in the Toronto Raptor’s first championship. And the two-time Finals MVP player signed with the LA Clippers back in July. Lately, Leonard’s name is back in the headlines but unfortunately for Leonard it’s connected to an assault charge for his sister Kimesha Williams. Williams and Candace Townsel are being charged with robbery and murder according to a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department news release.

Brian Shapiro, JD Sharp and Chris Winn share their thoughts on the tragic murder and wonder if this will have any impact on Leonard’s success. While expressing their sympathy for the victim and victim’s family Sharp brought up the elephant in the room. “This woman, her brother is making 40 million dollars a year, why couldn’t she just ask for a couple grand,” Sharp said. Winn stressed the fact that it’s not clear the type of relationship Leonard and Williams have.

Shapiro brought up the point that off court tragedies can begin to effect players on the court. Though it was very different circumstances Shapiro cited the former Boston Celtics Isaiah Thomas case. Thomas tragically lost his sister to a car accident and never returned to the height of athleticism that he soared at before her death. “I know he’s been plagued with a lot of injuries, but he’s never been the same player since the tragedy and I hope that doesn’t happen with Kawhi,” Shapiro said.

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