“Let’s start with the big news that took place last week, Michael,” says Shapiro. “Obviously the killing of the Iranian General or as I like to call him, General Salomi. He was killed last week. We all can agree Michael, as I know you’ve made some comments on Twitter as well that obviously he’s a horrible guy, a harbored terrorist. With that being said, without talking to Congress, without getting the approval of Congress, without giving out all of the information, Pompeo gave out very little information, all we’ve learned Michael is that he was planning an attack on America.”


“You made the reference to the Iraqi war and so have I,” continued Shapiro. “Where were the weapons of mass destruction there? Our intelligence can be faulty. As a whole, what are your thoughts on what took place last weekend? Do you think it’s dangerous for this country?”


“Last Monday when you guys had me on, I think I made reference to the fact that I thought we were on a powder keg,” answered Avenatti. “We were just waiting for a potential international conflict. By the time we found out that we had the wrong guy in the White House, or many people found out we had the wrong guy in the White House, it was going to be too late. Little did I know that three or four days later, we were going to find ourselves in exactly such an incident. Now here we are. I mean, this is a very dangerous situation. This was not a smart decision, by any stretch of the imagination.”


“There are all kinds of people from around the world that we may disagree with, that we may see as threats, that we may have opinions about relating to their conduct, but we don’t carry out assassination attempts on a regular basis against them because of the consequences that can result from such an act,” continues Avenatti. “This is a very serious matter. Now you have the President of the United States threatening to destroy cultural sites in Iran, many of those sites are over 2,000 years old. That is a war crime where he does that. Imagine if a country engaged in an assassination attempt successfully on one of our top Generals and then threatened to destroy the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument or a similar monument here in the United States.”


Iraq has called for the withdrawal of all US troops. The United States could find itself up against Syria, Iraq, and Iran if they are not careful. The Conservatives on the right who have turned a blind eye to the way President Donald Trump behaves, or those that think his actions are funny and entertaining are going to have to face reality when their loved ones in uniform “start coming home in body bags.”


Shapiro changes the subject over to Tucker Carlson, the host of the show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox, and plays a quick sound bite from the show regarding the military action in Iran. Carlson brings up the question that if after 19 years, the US still has troops in Afghanistan, what makes the United States think there’s a quick way out of Iran?


Avenatti recently jabbed at Carlson through Twitter saying that Carlson should call out Donald Trump for ordering the assassination of a top General, but that he never would because Carlson’s “lips are planted too firmly on his ass.”


“If Tucker wants to take a principled stand about what is going on with us being drawn into conflict with Iran, you know, it starts at the top,” says Avenatti. “He ought to be criticizing Donald Trump. My understanding is that Donald Trump was given a number of options of potential military strikes and this idea of assassinating this General was thrown on the sheet of paper as an option, an absolute extreme option. The report is that no one thought he would actually do it. That he would choose that option. I mean, I don’t know where those people have been living for the last three years knowing this president. Low and behold, he chooses that option and here we are.”


“Look guys, I want to be really clear about something,” presses Avenatti. “This isn’t some goddamn game. These people that think that Trump’s conduct is funny and aren’t these tweets great and isn’t it funny how he attacks these people, oh he’s so unpredictable, isn’t it amazing? This is serious business. We’re talking about the life and death of potentially thousands and tens of thousands if not millions of people depending on how things spin out of control. This is not a game.”


JD interjects that the common left view is that Donald Trump is doing this to distract from impeachment. Mike Pompeo and Trump came out and said that they had intel that General Soleimani was going to attack the United States.


“I don’t believe that there was an imminent threat,” says Avenatti. “I think if that has intel that shows that there was an imminent threat, they should release it, and they should release it immediately.”


“There were arguments that Soleimani was hated by Iranians and other countries in the Middle East but if you look at his funeral yesterday in Turan, there looked like there was 250-300K that showed up to attend, and then there were rumors that people were forced to do so,” says Sharp. “How angry do you think that Iran is that Solemani was killed, one, and two, what do you think their response is going to be and how soon do you think it’s going to be?”


“I think they’re very upset,” answered Avenatti. “I think if we strike at one of their cultural sites, you can forget about it, right? You talked about a rallying point for a nation whether they are supportive of Soleimani or not, whether they are supportive of the regime currently put in place or not. You start destroying cultural sites, some of which have been around for 2,000 years? That’ll unite a lot of people in a big hurry, regardless of what their political leanings are. If we actually carry out one of those threats, I can’t even begin to fathom what the response from Iran is going to be and how unified that country will become in short order.”


Sharp presses further, “Do you think it’ll be the start of WWIII?”


“I think it could be,” says Avenatti. “I think it could very well be. A lot of people say that Iran doesn’t have the military power to go toe-to-toe with the United States. That may be true but these things aren’t handled in a vacuum, gentlemen. You don’t know what other surrounding nations are going to do, you don’t know what the Chinese are going to do, you don’t know what Russia’s reaction is going to be. That’s what you really worry about. You don’t necessarily worry about only two nations engaging in a conflict, you worry about where all the other dominos fall.”

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