Michael Avenatti Is in Same Jail Cell That Infamous Drug Lord, El Chapo, Called “Torture”


Michael Avenatti’s attorney filed a letter to District Court Judge Paul G. Gardephe yesterday which revealed Avenatti’s housing conditions. Avenatti is currently being held in the same jail cell that once housed the infamous drug lord El Chapo. Even El Chapo himself described his time in that cell as “torture.” 


Shapiro reads off some of the letter to District Court Judge Paul G. Gardephe written on behalf of Michael Avenatti:


“Under Mr. Avenatti’s current conditions of confinement we cannot effectively prepare for trial and Mr. Avenatti cannot meaningfully assist in his defense,” says Shapiro. “After spending three nights in the Santa Ana jail, under solitary confinement conditions, by the way, 24/7, that’s right. He is in solitary confinement 24/7. Can you tell me anybody that has possibly committed some financial violations that would be put in solitary confinement 24/7?


Mr Avenatti was flown from California to New York. Since then, he’s been housed in a special housing unit on the notorious 10-South of the MCC New York. It’s the most secure floor in the entire facility, he is in a cell reportedly once occupied by El Chapo on a floor that houses individuals charged with terrorism offenses. He is apparently under special administrative measures which almost completely restricts his communication with the outside world. He’s been locked down for 24 hours a day in solitary confinement except for attorney visits and two medical examinations. There’s an officer outside his cell 24 hours a day and two cameras focused on him. 


Mr. Avenatti was permitted two social calls upon arriving but none since. He was told his classification entitles him to one pre scheduled social call per month. The temperature in his cell, according to Michael Avenatti’s attorney feels like in the mid-forties. He’s forced to sleep with three blankets, not surprisingly he has been having great difficulty functioning and he has not been permitted to shave.”


JD Sharp interjects that the reason Avenatti has not been allowed to shave is because they are afraid that if he were given a razor, he may commit suicide. Since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead at the Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center last year, MCC has cracked down even harder on its inmates. 


“There’s an update, the judge that received that particular message from his lawyer, Scott Srebnick, has requested by 2pm today that the government tell him exactly why Michael Avenatti is being kept in these conditions,” says Sharp. “He endorsed it with a memorandum.”


Sharp brings up a really good point. Michael Avenatti is not even a convicted financial criminal and he is being treated similarly to one of the biggest drug lords since Pablo Escobar. Avenatti knows that he is close to breaking open something huge. 

“Let me ask you this,” says Shapiro. “I personally believe that a part of this is Attorney General Barr and Donald Trump. You know, he’s been going after these guys for a long time. The more I think about this, I also think that Nike is involved, so do you think it’s fair to say that both sides are involved here?”


“I think it’s 80:20 Nike, Nike:Trump,” responds Sharp. “I think he really can’t do much to hurt Trump anymore. Obviously Trump isn’t happy with him, but I think Nike. Michael Avenatti is a flight risk for Nike right now in a lot of ways. He’s a flight risk to the NCAA for what happened with Nike. He has damning evidence and Nike is one of the biggest companies in the world. They do business all over the world.”


Even though Sharp makes a great case, Shapiro still stands by the fact that both Attorney General William Barr and Donald Trump have a lot to gain from Avenatti being behind bars. 


“Let me ask you another question,” says Shapiro. “Do you think that there is a chance that Michael Avenatti could be hurt, let alone losing his life, at some point behind bars? Do you think that is a possibility when you hear about these conditions, when you hear about the position he’s put in, and when you hear about all of the powerful people and companies that he’s trying to take down, like Nike, do you think this could be Epstein all over again?”


“I think there’s a 10% chance that something heinous could happen to Michael Avenatti behind bars,” says Sharp. “Because he is a flight risk to one of the biggest companies in the world and Donald Trump, the Trump family, William Barr, obviously they’re not a fan of him either.”

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