Michael Avenatti steps in the ring to share his opinions on Donald Trump’s upcoming VP candidate for the 2020 election with TVT.


After Avenatti shared on Twitter that it is not out of the realm of possibility that Donald Trump gets rid of Vice President, Mike Pence, and replaces him with his daughter, Ivanka Trump, for the 2020 Presidential Election, Shapiro pressed him for further comment. 


“Trump has said himself that in 2024 he hasn’t said he would support Mike Pence, and you know, the fact that Ivanka is taking these trips to the summit and all this other stuff, you make a lot of sense to me Michael,” says Shapiro. “Talk to me a little about why you feel that way?”


“We live in an age of craziness with this President, frankly, and nothing is out of the realm of possibility,” says Avenatti. “I think there’s a decent chance this happens and I’ll tell you why.” He goes on to explain five compelling reasons to back his theory.


Donald Trump loves a “headline grabber” and switching out Mike Pence for Ivanka Trump on the 2020 ballad would rival stunts from his reality star days. Ivanka would also bring in votes from suburban women because Trump would be adding a woman to his ticket. Not only that, but he is able to trust her and he doesn’t want anyone in office who would challenge him. 


It’s not looking too good for Mike Pence right now because he has served his purpose over the last few years building Trump’s evangelical following. Now that he has their support, Trump doesn’t need Pence’s help any longer. But most importantly, Ivanka was taken alongside her father to the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan where she was pictured and captured on video speaking with some of the world’s most esteemed leaders.


“Is he going to try to make her Secretary of State? I doubt it,” says Avenatti. “Is he going to try to set her up for 2024? I doubt it. I think there is something more immediate that he has planned for Ivanka.”


“Let’s talk about Donald Trump a little bit,” says Shapiro. “He meets with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un in the last week. Let’s start, Michael, with Vladimir Putin. He gets on a stage, he’s asked by a reporter, ‘Will you tell Vladimir Putin to not meddle in the 2020 elections?’ He looks over at Vladimir Putin nonchalantly, says it with almost a little bit of a grin on his face, nonchalantly, and Vladimir Putin starts laughing and it’s a joke. If this is the way he acts in public, in front of the media, imagine what they say behind closed doors? I think this is truly alarming and should be to any American.”


“Well, absolutely it should be,” says Avenatti. “I mean, this is a President that has stood shoulder to shoulder with Putin since day one against the interest of the United States, quite frankly, and guess what, gentlemen? He’s getting away with it. He’s becoming more and more emboldened with each passing day and each passing week. He’s figured out, basically, that he can do, in his mind, whatever the hell he wants and there’s not going to be consequences…”


In Oliver Stone’s interviews with Putin on Netflix, the United States is “out classed” at the top. Donald Trump doesn’t have the ability to hang with Putin in the way of intelligence or strategy. 


“Vladimir Putin is a brilliant guy. Now, he’s also a very evil guy, but he’s a brilliant guy,” says Avenatti. “All I could think about when watching these interviews was Vladimir Putin sitting around with others in the Kremlin and elsewhere. These guys are laughing their ass off about Donald Trump. They are laughing their ass off, ladies and gentlemen, relating to who people have elected as President of the United States.


Avenatti continues on to say that the Democrats are going to have to get “down in the gutter” if they are going to have any chance of beating Trump in the 2020 election. Right now we are stuck with the Electoral College and not the popular vote so the Democratic Candidate is going to have to win over Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Northern Florida. Without those states, it will be tremendously difficult to win the Presidency. 


When Avenatti thought about running for President back in 2016, he spent a lot of time with David Betras who up until recently was the Chairman of Mahoning County in Ohio. Mahoning County is a key electoral county. Youngstown is the largest city in the county and will represent how the rest of Ohio will lean during the Presidential election. 


“If you don’t win that county and if you don’t win Ohio, you have a very, very slim chance of winning the Presidency of the United States because of the Electoral College,” says Avenatti. “It’s just that simple. Now we can piss and moan and complain that it shouldn’t be that way, and again, I happen to agree, it should be the popular vote, but guess what? It’s not. So if we don’t figure out a way, if we don’t nominate a candidate that can win in Ohio, in Youngstown, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, in Northern Florida, guess what? Donald Trump will be elected to another term. It’s just that simple.”




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