Michael Avenatti steps in the ring to share his opinions on how President Trump’s strong economy does not warrant his absurd conduct and stunts here at TVT.


“Mitch McConnell’s statements that he made over a week ago, in regards to saying he’s going to be coordinating with the White House when it comes to this trial,” says Shapiro. “As an attorney, Michael Avenatti, is he breaking the law by saying he’s going to do that? When he took the oath of this office, Mitch McConnell, he knows that he’s breaking the law, does he not?”


“Well, I don’t know that he’s breaking the law per se, but as an attorney and not just an attorney, I’m a guy that has a lot of trial experience, not all attorneys have trial experience,” says Avenatti. “You know, let me just tell you, I find this to be completely unacceptable, unheard of, it’s almost as if you have jurors announcing prior to a trial even beginning that they’ve already decided how they’re going to vote. They’re not going to listen to the evidence, they’ve already made up their mind.”


“If anybody actually came into a court of law and said that, they would be tossed off the jury,” continues Avenatti. “If any judge announced at the beginning of a case that he or she had decided the defendant’s guilt or innocence before hearing any evidence, that would be completely improper and grounds for disqualification of the judge. That’s not how this process is supposed to work. I mean, McConnell and others have basically announced that there’s not going to be a real trial, this is going to be a rigged, bogus trial in the Senate, and that’s why, and I’ve been saying it for weeks now.”


Avenatti goes on to explain that we have gone “so deep down the rabbit hole” during this Presidency and that normalcy may never return. If Donald Trump is reelected in 2020, there won’t be an opportunity for us to “turn back the clock.” It doesn’t matter what side you are on this is cause for worry. The President of the United States should not be behaving this way. He is setting the precedence for the future and the future is not a bright one.


There are two kinds of Republicans: the reasonable Republicans and the unreasonable Republicans. The unreasonable Republicans do not care if President Trump lies or cheats the system as long as the economy is good and unemployment numbers are down. The reasonable Republicans are going to vote President Trump back into office because they like some of his policies but hate his behavior. 


“If you have somebody walk up to you right now, Michael,” says Shapiro. “They are defending President Trump and say, look don’t you care about the economy? Don’t you care about the stock market? Don’t you care about those low unemployment numbers? How would you respond to a Republican like that in talking about Donald Trump?”


“I mean, I would try to use an analogy whether it relates to their child or their spouse,” says Avenatti. “Let me ask you this question guys, if your spouse is earning a good living and providing a nice home for you to live in and a nice car to drive, does that mean your spouse can engage in whatever behavior he or she wants? Does that mean your spouse can cheat on you at will?”


Even though the economy is doing well and President Trump has had a hand in that, it does not excuse his unruly actions. There are other Republicans who could be holding that office, who would be just as successful, but would also live by a respectable moral code. They would not be engaging in dangerous activity that threatens the lives of the American people daily. We are no longer considered a confident super power by the other countries around the world. Low taxes and a good economy is no excuse to give President Donald Trump a pass.


Shapiro then plays an audio clip from Michael Moore where he explains that while he thinks that Donald Trump will lose the popular vote by about 4-5 million, he will win the electoral vote. He presses on to say that Trump’s support has not gone down one bit and it has actually become “more rabid.” 


“I do agree with his statement,” says Avenatti. “It is consistent with what I have been saying on this show now for months. Although, I’ll tell you where I disagree. I don’t think it’ll be 4-5 million, I think Trump will lose the popular vote by 6.5 million. It would not surprise me if it was over 6 million votes. I have preached on this show that it’s all about the swing states time and time again.”


“Another person that we’ve discussed pretty much in depth is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” interjects Sharp. “She was campaigning for Bernie Sanders in California and the head of the Democratic leadership group in California actually called her the future of the Democratic party and specifically pointed out that Pete Buttigieg was not. Do you think that that’s the case moving forward?”


“Well, I hope not,” says Avenatti. “I like the Congresswoman, I think she’s really interjected a lot of energy into the party. I am in no way shape or form ready to hand over the keys to the Democratic party to AOC. I think that would be a critical mistake, I think she’s out of touch with the majority of America, I think that would be a critical mistake by the Democratic party. I’m sure she was popular among many listeners and many people in New York and California, but you talk about winning in the swing states and you talk about appealing to those voters, AOC is not the answer.”


Shapiro then brings up Joe Biden and that fact that he has been “walking back” comments that he has made about not complying with a subpoena to testify at the impeachment trial in the Senate. Biden insists that there would be no grounds in calling him as a witness. 


“Look I agree with Joe Biden on many, many things, but I don’t agree with him on everything,” says Avenatti. “There’d be something wrong with me if I agreed with any politician on a hundred percent of what he or she says. I disagree with the initial comments that he made relating to this subpoena. I agree with what he said at the end, that’s how he should have started the answer. That mainly if they did subpoena him it would be specious, there’d be no legitimate reason to subpoena him, but look, if they subpoenaed him to testify, and if Chief Justice Roberts, who would preside over a Senate trial, ultimately ordered Joe Biden to come to the US Senate to be sworn in and testify, then that’s what he’s got to do.”





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