Michael Avenatti steps in the ring to share his opinions on the Mueller testimony, the Democratic party’s lack of movement on impeachment, and Don Jr. and his attempts to provoke him here at TVT.


Brian Shapiro jumps right into business asking about the Mueller case. “Let’s start with the Mueller testimony, Michael,” says Shapiro. “Before we get to all the ins and outs of what happened, overall, what was your take on the testimony?”


Well, I thought the testimony itself was good, but I thought the optics were terrible, frankly, and you know, any Democrat that tries to claim otherwise is delusional in my opinion and is fooling themselves,” says Avenatti. “You know Bob Mueller was clearly not ready for prime time today. He looked confused. He was not prepared. He did not appear to be somebody that had actually read that report.”


“Look, I don’t know how it’s possible,” continues Avenatti. “I’m sure he had read the report but he certainly did not come across as somebody that had, or who had, read the report. In today’s day and age, media matters, optics matter, social media really matters, and you gotta have somebody who’s good on television, frankly, and someone who can speak in sound bites and can really deliver. He didn’t deliver. He didn’t deliver for either side. I thought he was terrible.”


Avenatti goes on to ask if any of the Democrats that pushed for his testimonial had spoken to Bob Mueller in the last five years. If they had spent time with him recently, they would have known that Mueller should not testify. There were a number of things that the Democrats could have done including bringing others to testify or avoided the testimony altogether. 


Shapiro plays a couple of sound bites from the Mueller testimony. He begins with representative Silvia Garcia who makes the point that nobody is above the law, not even President Donald Trump.  


“If the President is not above the law, Michael, then why is there no accountability?”, says Shapiro. “And now we’re gonna get into, you know, maybe he can be charged with obstruction after his presidency, but she does make a very valid point there, doesn’t she?”


“Well, she makes a valid point,” says Avenatti. “She’s correct, but a couple things. First of all, the rationale for not indicting the president is this memo, Department of Justice guidelines, there’s no law, by the way, that states that you can’t indict a sitting president. I wrote an op-ed last year for The New York Times where I argued that that does not control and that they should indict President Trump if the evidence indicated that he had committed a crime. I stand behind that.”


Avenatti speaks further about the fact that Robert Mueller would not go beyond the report. He chose to answer some questions and not others which was very frustrating. He had the ability to answer directly and clear a lot of things up but he kept silent. Most concerning were questions like whether or not Don Jr. had plead the fifth? Was Don Jr. subpoenaed? Mueller refused to testify and nobody put pressure behind it.


“The idea that you were going to put all this emphasis and faith in Bob Mueller, you know, remember, the report was initially released on March 23 or 24,” says Avenatti. “Here we are at the end of July, it took all this time to get this guy to come down and testify, and you know, at the end of the day, I thought it did more harm than good. They could have accomplished what they accomplished today, which was not much, through other means. I think this was a bad day for the Democrats.”


The most important moment of the day was when Mueller was asked what he wanted the American people to take away from the report. Mueller gave an indirect answer full of “lawyer speak” and missed the opportunity to really say something. It was “the fast ball down the center of the plate” and Mueller struck out. 


“I want to move ahead to the democratic response and Nancy Pelosi,” says Shapiro. “So the Democrats’ leadership, Schiff was there as well, and Pelosi starts the conversation and she’s asked this question which is a very important question in regards to are you going to impeach the president? Michael, what do you make of that response?”


“Look, anybody that thinks that Nancy Pelosi is going to allow impeachment charges to proceed against President Trump at this point is delusional. It’s never going to happen, it’s now. Now I disagree with that. I think they should have started at the end of March. Okay, I’m adamant about that, but anybody that thinks that the Democratically controlled Congress is going to now pass impeachment charges against Trump is fooling themselves.”


Avenatti goes further to say some really biting things about the Democratic party and Nancy Pelosi. 


“Nancy Pelosi has no intention of moving against Donald Trump, and I will tell you, if Donald Trump is reelected in 2020, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership is going to rightfully be thrown out on their ass for not doing what they should have done,” says Avenatti. “These people do not know how to practice politics in this day and age. They don’t know how to fight, they’re not fighters, they cave, and they’re going to pay a very, very steep price, as they should, if he’s reelected in 2020.”


Shapiro steers the conversation in a completely new direction bringing up Don Jr. and the picture that he took with Avenatti’s ex-wife. Don Jr. went “out of his way” to “poke the bear” by tweeting out the picture on social media. Shapiro presses for Avenatti’s first reaction to the photograph of Don Jr. standing alongside his ex-wife.


“First of all, Biff has never accomplished anything in his life,” says Avenatti. “He’s never accomplished anything. I mean, other than being in the boardroom on The Apprentice on his daddy’s show. I guess that’s his greatest accomplishment. Seriously, this guy is a loser. He’s an absolute criminal loser and he’s never accomplished anything in his life. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a gold toilet under his ass, I’ve said that in the past. This guy has got big time daddy issues cause daddy’s always loved Ivanka more than anybody. There’s a long history of Trump having no respect for his son. I think he has openly described the fact that Trump Jr. has the worst judgement of anyone in the world. This is a guy who has been trying to fall in the footsteps of other men his entire life, right?”


Avenatti says that Biff would never go “toe-to-toe” with him and Shapiro exclaims in the background, “Let’s offer that! Let’s offer that!”


“He’s a complete coward,” states Avenatti. “The guy’s been a coward his entire life.”


“What do you think it would take to get you and him in the ring?” asks Shapiro. “I’m talking about not on this show ‘in the ring,’ I’m talking about physically, you and him, some sort of boxing match, you think we can make that happen?”


“Look, I’m in, you just let me know when and where we can do it,” says Avenatti. “All the proceeds for charity. In fact, I think we should do it here in Vegas on Christmas Eve. I think that we would raise a lot of money because I think everyone on the right would want to watch me get my butt kicked and everyone on the left would want to watch him get his butt kicked. I think it’d be a lot of fun and we’d raise millions of dollars for charity.”

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