Michael Avenatti steps in the ring to share his opinions on Rudy Giuliani’s alcoholism and how his drinking problem has become more apparent with each new TV appearance here at TVT.


At the top of the show, Brian Shapiro plays Michael Avenatti a clip of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney, attacking Chris Haun, the Democratic commentator on Fox News while appearing on the Laura Ingraham show The Ingraham Angle. In the clip, Giuliani lashes out at Haun refusing to let him speak and calling him a “moron” and an “idiot.” 


“Rudy Giuliani is a character of himself,” says Avenatti. “You know this is a guy that used to be respectable, used to do a pretty decent job as Mayor of the City of New York. Around 9-11, a lot of people rallied around him for good reason. This guy is a character of himself. He sold out. He sold out his reputation, sold out any good will that he had in exchange for kissing up to Donald Trump and being Donald Trump’s lackey. He shows up at these TV interviews all the time drunk, the guy’s an absolute drunk. It’s well known behind the scenes that he’s a drunk. He goes out, he gets tanked up, goes on these shows, and then goes back to the bars, and he’s carried out at two, three o’clock in the morning.”


Shaprio presses Avenatti further, “So you’re saying these TV appearances, he’s actually drunk in some of them?”


“Oh, absolutely, there’s no question, the guy’s drunk all the time.” answers Avenatti. “The guy drinks more than a barrel of fish. If anyone doubts me, go hang out at the Grand Havana Room. They carry him out of that place at two or three o’clock in the morning, every morning. This guy is a character of himself. Ultimately, he should be criminally charged and convicted for his role in this whole thing. All of these people, every one of them should be held accountable, should be criminally charged and they should be convicted.”


“So Michael, I know you have a lot of friends at several different networks, maybe not as many at Fox News as some of the other networks,” asks Shapiro. “Without giving out a name, have you ever had somebody, whether it be an anchor at a station that said that they smelled alcohol on this guy’s breath, Rudy Giuliani?”


“Many times!” exclaims Avenatti. “Many times. Guys, I mean this is really not that surprising or controversial. Absolutely, you talk to bookers, to people at the networks, you talk to people that know, and look, you can just observe his conduct. Look at his appearances. The guy shows up drunk for TV interviews.”


To keep the ball rolling, Shapiro switches the conversation to Donald Trump. “So we have some comments from President Trump, this is moments ago, I want to get your reaction to this. President Trump just accused Democrats of making a manufactured crisis with Ukraine drama,” says Shapiro. “Claimed they won’t have time to work on legislation as they consider impeachment. This is what he said, quote, again, this is moments ago from the President of the United States.”


“’They came up with this manufactured crisis, I don’t know whether or not they’re going to have time to do any deals. We were working on guns and gun safety. All their talking about is nonsense!’” proclaims Shapiro as he reads off Trump’s latest. “What’s your reaction to that Michael?”


“This guy is so full of crap,” says Avenatti. “What’s he talking about working on guns? The gun legislation has been on the desk of Mitch McConnell in the US Senate for months. With absolutely no movement. This is just his attempt to distract away from the fact that now he is caught, and he is caught red handed. He is trying to distract away from the fact that he has attempted to basically utilize his influence, not basically, he has utilized his influence as President of the United States in order to try to gain a political advantage against the political opponent by use of a foreign President. A President of a foreign sovereign nation. It’s that simple.”


“If this were Barack Obama or any Democratic President, they would have already been impeached, convicted,” continues Avenatti. “They would already be incarcerated at this point, if the tables were turned. I mean, the fact that the republicans and people like McConnell and Graham and others, can actually come out and defend this conduct, it’s mind boggling. It is mind blowing to me that these folks can come out and try to defend this kind of conduct. For my friends on the right, for the conservatives, the true conservatives, ask yourself, would Ronald Reagan engage in this kind of conduct? If Ronald Reagan was aware of this kind of conduct, what would he say? You think he would say that this is okay? Hardly.”


JD Sharp jumps in, “Michael, what separates impeach inquiry from an actual formal impeach attempt and how has the democratic philosophy towards impeaching Donald Trump changed in the last week with the announcement of an impeachment inquiry?”


“Well, I think it’s taken on a whole different level, it’s become a lot more serious, and I think the reason for that is because obviously this whistleblower complaint, and this is a much easier story to tell, and it’s a much easier story to sell to the American people,” says Avenatti. “It’s a confined period of time. You’re talking about only a few communications likely. It’s a far easier story or fact scenario to get your arms around as opposed to the whole Russia collusion angle which for the record, I’ve said all along, it was going to be very, very difficult to show collusion between the Trump campaign and Donald Trump. I said that was going to be a dead bang loser for months and there’s a bunch of reasons for that including a location of witnesses, most of whom were in Russia, etc.”


“This is a different scenario, this is a much more confined period of time, the evidence is much more confined,” continues Avenatti. “It’s easier to get your arms around. I think a lot of that has given momentum, if you will, to this impeachment inquiry. Now the Democrats are going to engage in this inquiry, hopefully they’re going to gather the evidence quickly, because I do not think this should drag out. They should move toward impeachment charges and then we should see what happens in the US Senate. For all of the people that say that he will never be convicted by the US Senate, I completely disagree.”



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