Michael Avenatti steps in the ring to share his opinion on Nike’s alleged bribes to attract college players, Meghan McCain’s failed attempts to provoke him on national television, and the consequences the Stormy Daniels’ scandal has had on his life, all here on TVT!


Brian Shapiro managed to get Nike-sponsored UNLV player, Brandon McCoy on the phone for a brief conversation where he defended himself against all allegations made by Michael Avenatti. These allegations state that McCoy was paid to attend Nike’s UNLV. Shapiro even went so far as to invite McCoy on air to debate Avenatti directly, but McCoy has flown under the radar since. Shapiro presses Avenatti for the inside scoop.


“Can you explain to us in whatever detail you can, about this specific story with UNLV and Brandon McCoy?” says Shapiro. “What can you tell us?”


“Look, there’s no question that Brandon McCoy was paid by way of illegal bribes routed from Nike in order to come to UNLV, period,” says Avenatti. “We have previously provided, I have posted the text messages, the documentation that shows those payments. Now people can think whatever they want to think about me and statements that come out of my mouth, but unless somebody can legitimately claim that these documents have been doctored or fabricated, which they haven’t. The documents to not lie, it’s just that simple.”


Avenatti went further to say that McCoy was paid thousands of dollars to play at UNLV. He invites McCoy to come on air not to debate him but to speak openly about why he thinks that these payments are “bogus” because there is no doubt that these payments occurred. 


“There’s no question that Brandon McCoy is one of hundreds of players around the country who were bribed to attend Nike colleges,” says Avenatti. “Those are colleges that have relationships with Nike for apparel deals, etc. And ultimately, I am confident that the truth is going to come out about this bribery scheme and it’s going to make that Adidas case look like a warm-up lap.”


Shapiro presses further, “And you have a court date set for this case?”


“I have a court date set in connection with this allegation that I attempted to extort Nike which I absolutely vehemently deny, and I’m confident that once the relevant evidence is put before a jury and a jury hears what really happened, and hears the totality of these alleged audio recordings and video recordings they have,” says Avenatti. “I’m not talking about snippets, I’m talking about the totality. I’m confident that I’m going to be exonerated in connection to that case.”


Forty plus detailed pages of documents showing these “alleged” payments have already been released as evidence and Avenatti is certain that even more will be presented in the coming weeks. Multi-billion dollar corporations are not to dictate where players should attend school. This is Nike using a “hidden draft” to assign placements.


“This might be a tough question for you to answer but certainly it’s an important question for us to know here in Las Vegas,” says Shapiro. “At the time, Marvin Menzies was the head coach. He’s not the head coach here anymore. Do you have any knowledge of whether or not Marvin Menzies knew, or anyone on the coaching staff, or at UNLV for that matter, knew about these payments?”


“I think ultimately the evidence is going to show there’s no question officials with UNLV knew or had significant reason to believe that Brandon McCoy had been paid to come to the university and either turned a blind eye to it or looked the other way because it was better for the program,” says Avenatti.


Avenatti continues on to say that he thinks that the players should be paid because they are taken advantage of by the system. These colleges around the country are “getting rich off of these players backs” so these players should be paid, but there need to be rules and regulations put in place because otherwise these colleges become like professional teams. 


“So let me ask you this question in regards to Nike, if you can. Obviously, you’re saying that you’re innocent and you’re saying that you did not bribe Nike, with that being said, why do you think that they would make this up about you?” says Shapiro. “Do you think it is because they want to make you out to be the bad guy? They wanna trash you and make this story go away which obviously it’s not going away. Why do you think they would do this and put out all of this false information that you allege, explain that to me?”


“Well, I’m gonna say what I’ve said repeatedly since this story first broke and since my arrest in late March and that is that I think that Nike and its lawyers determined very quickly that they could not control me, and they were right about that, they could not control me,” says Avenatti. “And I have a significant public platform that had built up over time and I had the ability to bring truth and the facts to what really happened in this situation. They’re not used to being confronted with that situation.”


Avenatti goes further to explain, “They’ve done everything they can to undercut me, to discredit me, take my legs out from underneath me, kneecap me, whatever term you wanna use, in an effort to try to discredit me and kill the story. It’s not going to go away.”


To switch things up completely, Shapiro then moves on to discuss Meghan McCain and her very public attempt to goad Michael. 


“Meghan McCain is trying to diminish what’s going on at the border with these kids that are in border custody and she’s trying to diminish that in talking about her father and talking about how he was tortured because some people are saying that these kids are being tortured, and actually, I would agree with that when you consider what’s going on there,” says Shapiro. “She decides to go after you in regards to some ongoing litigation that you have with some of your cases, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, I do not know, so she decides to go after you, you go after her, explain to me this whole situation!”


“Well, let me say a couple things. First of all, anyone who has followed me closely over the last 18 months, knows this about me, or should know this about me, I rarely, if ever, throw the first punch,” says Avenatti. “However, if you throw a punch at me, or if you come for me, I’m going to deliver many, many more in return.”


Michael went onto The View and before the show, spoke with Meghan about her father and how much he respected him despite their differing political views. He has always been cordial and tried to remain friendly. When he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence which resulted in no charges, Meghan went after him call him a “scum bag.”


Avenatti did not respond to Meghan’s name calling but then when Avenatti was arrested again in relation to the Nike case, Meghan did the same thing. Michael again did not respond, but when she began making “ridiculous statements” regarding the border, Avenatti couldn’t stay quiet any longer.


“If Meghan McCain, Alyssa Milano, and others, if they can’t stand the heat, then they need to get out of the kitchen,” says Avenatti. And this is the same thing for Ben Shapiro and a bunch of these other, you know, individuals on the right who claim that they’re so tough on Twitter and social media, it’s a bunch of nonsense. You know, you start calling these people out and they don’t know what to do cause they’re not used to it. They’re not used to people on the left hitting back and hitting back hard. And that is one of the reasons why I’ve become a very divisive figure over the last 18 months cause a lot of people on the right don’t know what to do with me. They’re not used to having people on the left hit back.”


At the bottom of the hour, Shapiro moved onto callers. A man by the name of Ricky called in to ask Avenatti about the Stormy Daniels’ case.


“You had mentioned, you had talked a few times before that you felt like your…Stormy Daniels…you felt like that’s when the government really came down on you,” says Ricky. “Now the governments kind of mentioned that they started this investigation before all of this came through…”


“That’s not true,” says Avenatti. “Let me interrupt you right now, okay? That’s just not accurate and I’m looking forward to the trial of these cases because we’re gonna show that that’s just not accurate. The evidence is going to show that the criminal investigation into me began in the latter part of last year and I started representing Stormy Daniels in February of last year. I became a threat to the President of the United States in the spring and the summer of last year and many people thought I was the biggest threat to the President of the United States ability to gain reelection.”

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