If your government thinks free speech is a threat to democracy – you live in a dictatorship.

It should worry citizens of the West that every nation that once called itself a ‘liberal democracy’, ‘republic’, or ‘constitutional monarchy’ has allowed the fabric of its law to be corrupted by censorial legislation. Our governments behave like toddlers, wailing and stamping their feet because the public won’t stop saying mean things about their failures. Their weakness – their inability to muster a coherent defence – has led them to the same conclusion as Kim Jung-un; control via silence.

Authoritarian regimes take the absence of dissent as ‘consent’. Their countries are victims, bound and gagged at the end of a rifle.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau belled the cat when his eyes widened into saucers and he drooled all over China’s totalitarian rule.

‘There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting,’

said Trudeau.

If your Prime Minister finds the power of a dictatorship ‘quite interesting’ then you should vote for a different Prime Minister. What Trudeau didn’t like was spending weeks as the butt of every joke when his Capital filled with furious truck drivers and ordinary people, waving Canadian flags as they demanded their jobs and liberties back. Like every good Millennial troll, Trudeau accused the mob of being ‘terrorists!’ and then ran away to his palace to whimper about how unfair it was that the peasants were allowed to speak.

It’s a weird sort of terrorist who waves the national flag, demands the right to work, and insists that the government return Constitutional liberties and freedoms – all while singing, dancing, and making TikTok videos.

Did the media challenge Trudeau’s accusation? No. They joined him in a major sulk because both politicians and the press wagered their careers on the same lie.

What they should have said was ‘sorry’.

The problem goes a lot deeper than Canada’s truck drivers. Across the world, public money has been spent building lie atop of lie atop of lie – mostly for the profit of politicians, bureaucrats, and their corporate friends. Whether it was the endless fabrication of ‘apocalypse’ used to sell Chinese-owned and billionaire-backed renewables (at the expense of the poor who can no longer afford their energy bills), or the matrix of Covid deceit that allowed Big Pharma to rake in billions, governments to transform into dictatorships, and the World Economic Forum to kick-start its ‘Great Reset’ by collapsing capitalism – all of it has to be rejected, along with the perpetrators.

The US government is not afraid of Elon Musk buying Twitter because the general population will be able to tear the disgusting reign of ‘Woke’ apart and trample all over the fragile feelings of emotionally stunted adults. Biden (well, maybe not Biden himself) but his government and network of social climbers are afraid because they know that there is worse to come. The wasted money, abuses of power, and endemic corruption won’t last long when the 300 million users of Twitter are allowed to upload criticism all day, every day. While it is true that secrets rarely survive the march of time, they’ll barely live out the year under the blinding spotlight of free speech. This isn’t only about power and money for the Democrats – people will go to jail and governments will fall.

Usually, political crises are constrained to the mistakes of a single nation and when a revolution of the poor comes, it topples localized regimes.

What happens when the public realize that an entire world of political parties, bureaucracies, and governments collaborated in a range of profitable lies?

Klaus Schwab may get his ‘reset’ but it’s doubtful he’ll enjoy the feel of global retribution. It is more likely that the citizens of the world will reject this heavy-handed attempt to rush communism on the West. Like the poisoned pill Twitter tried to swallow, the public will contract and then violently expel the attack on their liberty. With any luck, our Parliaments will fill with a new breed of politician who will unravel the disgusting layers of censorship and control implemented by successive political bastardy.

The public don’t want a revolution in the ‘French sense’ – they don’t want to act like the uncivilized Marxist hordes of Black Lives Matter burning, destroying, and desecrating. The citizens of the West want a restoration. They want their nations back, purged of the ideological garbage that has rotted the core of Western values, shielded from criticism by ridiculous laws that protect idiots with bad ideas from ‘offence’.

Climate Change and Covid were the warm-up acts for Digital Identity.

Vaccine passports served as a trial for a global social credit system. Cooked up at Davos and hosted by the World Economic Forum, it is the closest we have come to global socialism where an unelected centralized authority will be in a position to usurp the rights of citizens and nations.

We will be ‘global citizens’ in the sense that we are ‘global slaves’ to a digital prison. These digital chains will allow the United Nations to do exactly what they proposed at Cop26 (for those who were listening) – control what we eat, what we buy, how we travel, and where we work. Digital Identity (a social credit system) is the only way for global corporations to force the market to purchase crap products that do less and cost more than what we have today. Fundamentally, it is coercion for economic gain – a ‘give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you’ scenario designed to destroy small and medium businesses in favor of huge corporations that the government can easily negotiate with.

When you hear bureaucracies talking about using Digital Identity to create ‘efficiency’, ‘safety’, and ‘stream-lining’ processes – what they mean is getting rid of the healthy noise and chaos of competition. The free market is unpredictable and ruthless – just like democracy. That’s why it works. Contained within these impossibly complex systems are the diverse and creative solutions to the world’s infinite problems.

Quarantining ‘truth’ and curating ‘commerce’ leads to a grey slate that looks awfully similar to a concrete cell.

Politicians want to transition nations into prisons where they can rule over us instead of governing for us.

Digital Identity is the hill citizens have to die on if they want to retain their freedom and stop the tide of centralized authoritarian control. Technology is a convenience, but we must stop it becoming a tool of oppression and torture for the masses.

Nigeria rolled out Digital Identity and immediately blocked 73 million residents from using their phones – shutting down their ability to communicate for failing to comply. Less than a week after his election, France’s Emmanuel Macron is bringing in the same legislation to the horror and outrage of the people who have accused him of importing Chinese social credit control. Canada’s Trudeau – even without Digital Identity – threatened to fine and imprison freedom protesters before locking the bank accounts of citizens who donated to their cause. Canada’s Digital Identity started coming online in 2021 linked directly to the World Economic Forum’s global initiative.

Australia has the same fight on its hands. Our (allegedly) conservative government has tabled Digital Identity legislation that directly praises the World Economic Forum as its architect. The goal? To insert government into every single economic transaction and outlaw cash leaving the government ultimately in charge of who can and cannot engage with the economy. It’s not a comforting thought given that more than one of our State Premiers said that they had ‘deliberately locked the unvaccinated out of the economy for the foreseeable future to force them into vaccination’.

What could possible go wrong if these childish politicians are given absolute and permanent control over the economy?

The truth is, governments robbed the bank during the pandemic years and they are afraid of public rage. Worse, they want to keep robbing us and abuse our labor – manipulating our once ‘free-will’ for their private profit.

So, why a ‘Ministry of Truth’?

Social media platforms have elevated the voices of the masses to a roar. When politicians make mistakes, they can no longer slide a few dollars under the nearest newspaper to hush up the story. Their errors are mocked, filmed, shared, and spread across the world for the amusement of the peasants and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it. Never have politicians wielded more power with their careers on thinner knife edges.

Silencing social media has been a priority for the political class. They want to shut the people up the same way they used to hush the press. The problem is, social media is a platform – not a publisher. There’s no editor to lean on. Platforms like Twitter are a hive and if they get angry, the hive will swarm beyond the bounds of the digital realm and out into the polls.

No longer will politicians be able to seduce, bribe, and threaten the barons of Silicon Valley into moderating their platforms. Politicians don’t like swarms of citizens descending on their posts, calling them twats, liars, and scoundrels. They like it even less when every policy launch is accompanied by trolls posting memes of their most embarrassing mistakes.

Twitter is the political weapon that the public have turned around and started stabbing wicked politicians with – and they deserve it.

Criticism is an inconvenience. Talented politicians rise above it and sway the crowds with their words and deeds – but the generation of politicians on offer are among the least capable that the world has ever seen. They have no charisma, no charm, no common sense, no brains, and certainly no restraint. Politicians like this want a ‘fix’, not a battle.

A Ministry of Truth is what happens when the lies get out of hand. Not the lies of the people, the lies of the State.

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