Over the year of 2019 I have discovered so many sensational new artists and attended many fantastic concerts that have changed my life. Through it all, there is still one artist that has drove me crazy all year and I anticipate will continue to in 2020 and that is Tame Impala. The Australian based psychedelic-rock band is my most anticipated artist for the new year. 


2019 has been an exciting year for Tame Impala fans. Although an LP has yet to be released, lovers of the band have gotten their dose of singles and teasers for the upcoming album Slow Rush, which is set to be released on February 14, 2020. This is a big deal because Tame Impala hasn’t made a studio album since 2015 with Currents. My expectations are high to say the least. 


Currents was one of those albums for me that I listened to on repeat for over a year. Every part of every track spoke to me. I also am a huge fan of their previous albums, Inner Speaker from 2010 and Lonerism from 2012. Music of the 10s’ seem to throwback to the influences of 70s’ sound. This can be heard in a lot of today’s rap music that pays homage to funk while rock has taken a psychedelic turn and in some bands a 70s’ garage sound. The 10s’ have been Tame Impala’s decade because Kevin Parker’s musical genius works with the vibes of the decade while it has also shaped where music is headed in the coming years. I appreciate how they blend the currently popular electronic sounds like synthesizers with traditional rock n’ roll instruments. I am really looking forward to what’s to come in 2020 for this awesome band and am ready to see what emerging bands are to come as Tame Impala continues to set new standards for talent and creativity. 


Additionally, in 2019, Kevin Parker has given many teasers for The Slow Rush before fans were informed about the release. Several new singles “Patience,” “Borderline,” “Posthumous Forgiveness,” and “It Might Be Time” give us a taste of what the album’s style will be like. So far I think that The Slow Rush will be an evolved version of Currents that analyzes the state of Kevin Parker’s life since the band blew up to stardom with their last album. The title of the 2020 album also leads me to believe that Parker knows how anticipated the album was and wants to deliver it, but at the same time needs to give it the proper time to develop into his vision. The singles throughout this year have held me over but have made me more excited for what is to come in the new year. 


The recent teaser on Tame Impala’s Instagram gives viewers a light, dreamy, and acoustic sound that slowly adapts into an electric, transcendental experience that is coupled with visuals of Tame Impala’s legendary laser light shows. This video undoubtedly adds to the excitement that has been curated by the band all year, launching use into the year of their fourth LP. 


From what I’ve heard and seen footage of, Tame Impala’s concerts are incredible. The band has not been to Las Vegas since 2014 when they performed at the Brooklyn Bowl. At the time I was a fan but not how I am now. I wanted to go to the concert but flaked out last minute to work instead. It is a huge regret of mine and I really hope that they come around to my home city in the coming year. Unfortunately, since they are so much more famous now, I am doubtful they will play at the intimate venue again and will instead opt for a more spacious setting like T-Mobile Arena. 


I anxiously look forward to the release of the new album and am hopeful they will perform in Las Vegas in the new year. Tame Impala is my band for the year, decade, and absolutely my most anticipated for 2020.

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