Dina Titus, Congresswoman from Nevada’s 1st district joined Sharp and Shapiro to speak with the guys about the assassination of General Soleimani, the lack of transparency concerning an “imminent threat”, and the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Speaking about her reaction to the recent assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani Rep. Titus, who serves on the foreign affairs committee, said “This came as a surprise to me just as it did to everyone else” — this included people in the pentagon, our allies, and certainly the majority of Congress. “It was done in a very reckless way on our side.”

Titus explained her feeling of concern because “when you do something that’s this drastic you can expect some follow up from their side… You don’t know what they’re going to do but you can imagine it is going to be bad.” Previous Presidents had determined this too dangerous to do because it would put our troops in harms way. It’s gone from surprise to concern.

In terms of the imminent threat Titus mentioned that Soleimani was immediately replaced by the person under him. “Even if the Iranian government says they’re done, the Iranian militia hasn’t said anything — so we don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Titus has been in two classified briefings, one as a member of the Homeland Security Committee, and one that was for all members of defense. “It was a high-level briefing. I can’t share any of the specifics. Most members thought that it was insufficient and we weren’t really given any evidence dates or targets or an imminent threat.” She echoed Senator Chris Lee that they too were “treated like children.” It’s one thing not to inform the public, but these congressmen and congresswomen have access to classified intel. There is no reason to withhold information of an imminent attack from them.

Because the assassination came as such a surprise, Shapiro asked the 1st district Rep if there was any chance the attack was coordinated with the aid of the Iranian government — an idea Titus immediately shut down. “He was such a revered figure in Iran…You saw a million people turn out for funeral. I can’t imagine they would be behind taking him out or working with the US in that way. “ As a result of the attack congress has now moved forward with a renewal of the war powers act — to ensure a strike of this nature (act of War) will not take place without the authorization of congress.

Moving on the guys got into brief discussion about President Trump’s impeachment, and House Speaker Pelosi’s handling of the articles, which, at the time of this writing have indeed been transferred to the Senate — the Senate impeachment hearing begins Tuesday, Jan 21. Titus feels that Pelosi has handled the matter masterfully, pointing out that in the past few weeks more memos and email exchanges have come out about those within the gov’t office of management and budget thinking that withholding those funds was illegal. Titus and the Democrats’ main concern was not sending something over that is “going to be buried in McConnell’s drawer or just rushed through”.

Speaking of McConnell, all were in agreement at being disgusted by his behavior, specifically his word that he would be conferring with the POTUS team when it came to his impeachment and trial in the Senate.  Titus made a comparison to the Clinton impeachment. Back then the Senate voted 100% in agreement in the rules for Clinton’s trial. This time around, however, it’s partisan. McConnell and co have prejudiced the results (in the Senate) before the trial even gets started.

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