Whether it’s mainstream media or social media coverage of the gun control issue is a prevalent pillar in the news cycle. While there’s no debating that gun control is an important topic, Nevada Republican Sen. Keith Pickard feels the issue is beginning to effect conversations on education. “If we don’t get education right, nothing else matters,” Pickard said.

Pickard sat down with Brian Shapiro, JD Sharp and Chris Winn to discuss both education and gun control. Pickard outlined his opinions on red flag laws, the Second Amendment and education funding. “I’m not opposed to red flag laws, I just want the laws to be written well,” Pickard said. The Nevada senator went onto explain the issues he had with the language of the red flag bill, feeling that it did not address the root of the problem: metal illness. “We can debate all day long about the weapons used but we’re not spending enough time on who’s behind it and mental illness,” Pickard said.

The conversation continued to go in circles on classifications of firearms, background checks and loopholes. Pickard summarized his thoughts by saying, “everything is on the table in my book, expect the idea that we’re going to confiscate guns or make guns harder to get for law abiding citizens.”

Much like Pickard, John Bruchhagen, former CCSD teacher and CEO of the Math Institute, has a passion for education. Bruchhagen feels the Districts financial problems are linked to misuse of funds more so than lack of funds. “There’s money in the system it’s just not being taken care of correctly, a lot of broken promises,” Bruchhagen said.

Pickard reemphasized his agenda for improving the quality of education in the state of Nevada. “Education is the most important thing we can do as a state outside of public safety,” Pickard said. When the guys told the Senator about a friend of the show that’s been with CCSD for 27 years and only makes $50,000 despite having a master’s degree it was clear that Pickard finds these types of stories upsetting. Since it clearly outlines the rift between the political environment of CCSD and the right to a fair salary for veteran teachers. “Pay teachers like rock stars and rock stars like teachers,” Pickard said.

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