Two things are clear from the first week of NFL games. One, the Patriots are unstoppable. Two, you should probably never throw the ball to Steelers receiver Donte Moncrief.

If there’s a third lesson it may be a lesson of unintended consequences. Maybe the Antonio Brown situation inadvertently inspired the great migration of the Miami Dolphins’ players after their blowout 59-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Brian Shapiro, JD Sharp and Radio personality and friend of the Vegas Take Chris Winn pick apart the biggest wins and losses of the first week of football and talk about the possible Antonio Brown effect that could take hold of the NFL.

Winn feels it’s unprofessional for the Miami players to try to jump ship after their defeat instead of focusing on how to improve the team. “Unbelievable that some NFL players would even think of going down that road…this is the wussification of society,” Winn said.

To clarify his point Winn pointed to college athletes who transfer after not getting the position they wanted or participation trophies being given to every child despite who wins or loses as examples of taking the competitiveness, and team spirit out of sports. “It’s absolutely prosperous and has no place in the NFL,” Winn said.

Sharp didn’t blame Miami player’s attempts to leave on lack of professionalism. “If Antonio Brown didn’t act a fool and get awarded for it I don’t think this would be a conversation,” Sharp said. Sharp feels the Patriots picking up Brown could have a bigger effect on the NFL than originally intended. Sharp feels the move by Brown and the Patriots set a dangerous example for NFL players who now feel that misbehaving may be the best way to get transfered. “The Antonio Brown situation is one of the worst things to happen to the NFL,” Sharp said.

Will the controversial move by AB have a lasting impact? Will Moncrief ever catch a ball? We’ll just have to wait and see as the rest of the NFL season unfolds.

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