“It takes one to know one.”

“Pot meet kettle.”

“Anyone who represents themselves has a fool for a client.”

There are probably a thousand euphemisms for hypocrisy. You likely hear a different one every day. Hell, post your favorites in the comments below. I’m sure there are some popular ones I’ve missed.

These euphemisms exist and were often cited to us by our elders; parents or even wise older friends as a way for us to avoid falling into the pit of hypocrisy. Being a hypocrite used to be regarded as the ultimate social crime. You never wanted to be guilty of something you’ve been critical of in the past, right? These euphemisms and their usage played the part of “social guide rail” our entire lives presumably to keep us on the straight and narrow; to maintain some sense of honor and integrity in our daily social interactions.

Lately, it seems like we’re dealing with an entire generation of liberal elitist democrats that have never heard these euphemisms, or they’ve somehow truly fallen on deaf ears.

As a an extremely outspoken public figure, everything I say is continuously and meticulously scrutinized; combed over for inconsistencies and irregularities with the singular objective of discrediting the merit of my ideas purely through finding a proverbial “chink in my armor.”

What amazes me though, is that even though this tactic is often used by the left to discredit the right, it’s as if they themselves are impervious to the same sort of standard.

It’s almost become parody in an of itself. Even a show like Saturday Night Live (whose sole purpose is utilizing ridicule to highlight both irony and hypocrisy) would have a hard time making parody of the pitfalls of the liberal left without looking like total hacks, even though that’s sort of become their specialty as of late.

Let’s look at the scorecard, shall we?

We can start with someone like Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi makes a living as a co-host of “The View;” espousing hot takes on current events, politics, and pop-culture. She’s also incredibly famous for getting it incredibly wrong, like her statement from a few weeks ago in which she confidently declared the holocaust actually had nothing to do with race at all, and then doubled down on it.

Whoopi herself is generally one of the fastest to call out perceived racism, or inequality, or things that are just in poor taste in today’s modern culture.

Inappropriate things like wearing blackface to a party…


Whoopi isn’t the lone, self-identified Democrat offender these days. She’s not even the only comedian that participates in this kind of blind-to-history hypocrisy.

What about broadcasting legend Howard Stern?

Surely with his history of edgy, boundary pushing content and material, he wouldn’t have been compromised, right? Except for all of the times he’s criticized comedians like Ari Shaffir for going too far when it comes to matters of race, or his famous Kobe Bryant twitter scandal. But race has always been off limits for Howard…


Over the past few years, Sarah Silverman has built a pretty large podcast following with a large emphasis on Democratic and Progressive causes. She’s criticized edgy comedians like myself for being dinosaurs, and not adapting to today’s modern standards for what’s appropriate.

(You know what’s coming, don’t you 🙂


Comedian David Cross, who was always a favorite of mine, sure has been on the liberal warpath since the Trump election in 2016 – he gained popularity in the late 90’s and early 2000’s for his irreverent material that pulled no punches, and addressed racism and bigotry through mockery of conservatives.  But at least he’s never been accused of racism himself…


Ok, but at least he hasn’t worn blackface…


Or how about Jimmy Kimmel? Who has become absolutely infamous for his routine emotional breakdowns over the evils of pure and systemic racism we face in our nation to this day


(is it still blackface if it’s the whole body? Also, notice the jersey logo was changed from “Jazz” to “Jamz” but the blackface/body was totally fine)

I hear what you’re thinking now: “but Josh, these are comedians! Aren’t you always banging the table for free speech and freedom of expression? Now you’re being a hypocrite!”

But I never said I had a problem with the blackface.  My issue is with the hypocrisy. I’ve never called any of these people racist. A few of them have called me racist, because I’ve been critical of the black community at times where I think it was warranted.

Let’s pivot away from comedians.

Surely, outside of people attempting to be funny, you’d never find this kind of behavior – right?

Can you count on one hand how many times liberal Canadian Prime Minister and purveyor of tyranny Justin Trudeau has talked about the need to end systemic and cultural racism?


Blackface isn’t the only facial covering that is constantly outing Democratic political hypocrisy.

Remember how important and mandatory wearing a mask was supposed to be for public health and safety? Particularly in Covid hotspots like my hometown of Los Angeles?

Meet California’s Governor Gavin Newsom and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Both BIG Magic Johnson fans:


I’m sure they just took their masks off for the photo op. It’s not like they’d attend an event like the Super Bowl violating their own city ordinances along with every other liberal mouthpiece celebrity..and continue to push mandates.

I have to be real with you: I’ve been a stand-up comedian for 15 years, and even I would have a hard time writing a sketch this over-the-top chalk full with blatant hypocrisy without feeling that it’s too-far fetched.

But this isn’t a sketch. This is real life.

What is it about “rules for thee and not for me” that is so synonymous with being an outspoken liberal Democrat? Do they test for this? Do you have to have references that can attest to how insincere you are about everything in your life before you join? Is it part of their voter registration?

I’m one of the most hated and reviled comedians on the internet. People slap me with all kinds of labels for my opinions or the kinds of jokes I make:

White Supremacist.

And yet, you can’t find any pictures of me on the internet in blackface.

The closest you’ll get is finding me face down in a chocolate cake at a wedding, following the liberal lead by having my cake and attempting to eat it too.

Dude Robe

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