Our Democratic Republic Remains in Danger

Given that this is my first piece for this site, I’d like to begin with this. Yes, I’m a proud, liberal progressive. That said, my articles will not reflect a “left leaning perspective.” I plan on only addressing provable facts. First fact: The 2020 election was not rigged or stolen. This is just one of the over 30,500 lies Donald Trump told the 4 insufferable years he was in office – and his most egregious one. The man is a life-long congenital, pathological, serial liar, and even admitted as much in his book “The Art of the Deal.” 

I had the best economy” Trump has bleated ad nauseum. Another lie. In Obama’s last three years, 1.5 million more jobs were created than in Trump’s first three years, before Covid.  

I gave our veterans a choice” is another favorite lie of Trump’s. And lie it is, as that bill was signed by President Obama in 2014. I could go on – and will in time – but for now, space is limited. 

As for the rigged, stolen election lie. This is where all conspiracy theories crumble, especially large ones. The number of people that would be necessary to pull something like this off would be astronomical. And it is a slanderous travesty to accuse innocent election workers, regular people and your fellow citizens, many of them Trump supporters, of participating in something so heinous. 

Consider Ruby Freeman for example, a 62 year old election worker in Georgia. She had to endure a visit from a Kanye West publicist who then proceeded to try and coerce Freeman to admit to having committed voter fraud, which she hadn’t. If she didn’t ‘confess,’ she was told her family’s freedom would be at risk. Trump mentioned Freeman by name no less than 18 times during his now infamous phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger. 

Trump put a target on private citizen Ruby Freeman’s back, and didn’t give a continental damn that he had. Trump’s only loyalty his entire life has been to himself and himself alone, and whatever he perceives will benefit him and him only. If someone is forced to leave their house, change their appearance, and move around to different locations because of death threats – which Freeman and her family had to – Trump couldn’t care less. To Trump, no person, nor even our constitution, should stand in his way of achieving his self-serving desires, in this case, stealing a free, fair, and safe election.  

And let’s add some irony to this mix. Thus far, the only people I’ve heard of who have been arrested for voter fraud? Are republicans who voted more than once for Donald Trump. One example: Audrey Cook, an 88 year republican from Georgia. Her husband died before their absentee ballots arrived. She forged his signature and cast his ballot for Trump.  If you still believe the 2020 election was either rigged or stolen? You are either grossly ignorant, woefully misinformed, or frankly, stupid. You undoubtedly live inside what I call the Reich wing propaganda and disinformation ministry bubble and echo chamber, where everybody treats Trump with a reverence usually reserved for people of character, integrity and honor. Donald Trump possesses none of these. 

You also ignore the fact it’s only a minority of hard core partisans who reside within the aforementioned media zone, whose entire business model is to lie to you. You don’t know that their lies do not represent mainstream, reasonable, majority America – their efforts to the contrary. 

You don’t know that the patriotic majority of this country saw through Trump’s lies, narcissism, and most importantly, his authoritarian inclinations. They clearly saw the threat he presented to our democratic republic, and hated him for it.  You also can’t understand how Trump could lose when Biden couldn’t attract the ample crowds the equally ample Trump did. This is more a damning indictment of those who attended Trump’s Klandemic rallies than a reflection on Biden. As a rule, normal, well adjusted, reasonable people take no pleasure attending events wherein the keynote speaker lies through his teeth and brags incessantly about himself, most of the time for things he hasn’t even done (see economy and veterans’ choice above.)

Conversely and as a result, we Biden voters didn’t have to be in his presence, or even hear what he had to say, to know where our votes were going. Love him or hate him, Biden is not a threat to our democracy.  But none of Trump’s lies were as traitorous or seditious as his Big Lie; the election was rigged and stolen. And that is why to this day, Donald Trump remains the biggest threat our democratic republic has ever faced. And make no mistake, it’s not just Trump. It’s one political party and its base who have surrendered what values they at least used to profess they stood for, in fealty to the biggest liar, con man, grifter, narcissist and dictator wannabe to ever reach high office, and thus becoming the anti-democracy party in the process.

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