U.S. Representative, and Democratic Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, is many things – she’s smart, brave, and also a “really bad politician,” according to Shapiro. TVT covered Gabbard’s recent appearance on Sean Hannity to discuss the ongoing war on drugs. 


Gabbard has been vocal on decriminalizing certain aspects of drugs, which naturally led to Hannity going to the most extreme drug on the planet. TVT played sound clips of the interview where Hannity asked (actually, more so shouted): “Would you legalize heroin?!” 


Gabbard dodged the question completely. Instead, she continued rambling on with a response on how substance abuse should be viewed as a healthcare issue, rather than taking a punitive stance of imprisonment. Hannity then yelled: “Don’t make me be a jerk!” and asked the heroin question again. Gabbard once again, provided a generic, blanket statement: “We’ve got to end the war on drugs.”


Shapiro stated while he respects that Gabbard served this country honorably, she needs to “stop being an idiot and just answer the question.” The answer is obviously NO. Gabbard is the same politician who refused to call Syrian president Bashar al-Assad a war criminal. Shapiro continued: “She has extreme views, but won’t answer a question. I believe she’s not answering the question because she may actually believe heroin should be legalized, which is ridiculous and absurd.” 


Sharp stated Gabbard tends to have these extremist views that she “kind of likes to express vaguely,” but when pressed, she’s afraid to commit. 


Gabbard was also asked about the legalization of prostitution, to which she replied: “If consenting adults want to engage in sex work, that is their right, it should not be a crime. All people should have autonomy over their bodies and their labor.”


Shapiro felt Gabbard was again, too generic, and didn’t give any details on her stance, for example – Does she agree with women prostituting “off the streets?” Her statement alluded to the fact that she supports women working in the brothels. 

Sharp and Shapiro are also big proponents of keeping the brothels legal. “It’s a safe, regulated and monitored legal business with no pimps involved. It saves lives,” Shapiro stated. “I’m not saying they should be right next to a church, or synagogue, but they should be zoned, like dispensaries.” 


Sharp stated that he felt sex trafficking and STD rates would go down, if prostitution was legalized: “The women in brothels seem to be doing well, they are all very well-spoken and articulate.” Sharp provided another, quite interesting take, that legalizing brothels throughout the country may also help marriages that are “failing sexually.” 


TVT then opened the phone lines to get feedback from listeners on whether prostitution should be legalized.


The first caller, Michelle, expressed her view that prostitution is basically a pathway to sin: “To be employed in that area is full of deception. It’s a temporary power, and the pursuit of money, which is greed. Prostitutes are used like toilet bowls, and any woman who goes into it is being deceived. If it’s such a good thing, why don’t we say it’s okay for our sisters and our daughters to go into the brothel?”


Shapiro agreed with Michelle, that it would not be his preference, for his mother or sister to work at a brothel, however, he also felt strongly that he’d ultimately be supportive of their personal choice. “Your opinion of sex may be different,” Shapiro explained. “They (women in brothels) may enjoy sex more than you, and have different views.”


Michelle did not relent and continued to present a religious angle to the argument: “They are selling their bodies and selling their souls which changes their personality.”


This led to Shapiro taking the conversation to Spirituality 101: “What is a soul and a spirit? I don’t understand.” Caller Michelle didn’t skip a beat: “The spirit contains the personality and the intellect. I believe it’s what is separated from the body at death.” Michelle then offered a quick solution to all brothel workers: “They should take a long shower, pack their bags and just drive away to their new life.”

Sharp and Shapiro concluded the conversation by again, reiterating that prostitution is a personal choice, and a religious agenda should never be forced on sex workers. 


TVT then welcomed repeat offender “Brady” on the phone lines. Brady chimed in that we should: “Legalize drugs and prostitution, then we can put a tax on it. Brian, you can use it to fund your drag queens reading at the public library.”


Shapiro wasn’t in the mood for Brady’s cute little diatribe: “That wasn’t funny, and you never are, so don’t quit your day job.”


Brady then went off on how prostitution is already legal in Vegas. Shapiro didn’t hold back on calling out Brady’s buffoonery: “You’re ignorant to facts. You have an IQ of 20.” Brady fired back with: “Are you still living at your parent’s house Brian?”


The only way to settle this, would be for Tulsi Gabbard to call into TVT to provide her very own take on heroin and hookers.

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