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Billy Bush is returning to television as host and managing editor of “ExtraExtra.” Whether audiences are ready to forgive and forget is a different story. This is the former NBC’s “Today” show host’s first foray after the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape scandal in which Bush laughed along to Trump’s “grab them by the pussy,” comments. Brian Shapiro had little to no sympathy for Bush when he lost his job over the scandal. “I didn’t feel bad for him when he lost his job because I don’t think he’s good at what he does,” Shapiro said.

Bush claims he has changed and healed but Shapiro thinks his wealth and last name play a bigger role in his return than his talent does. “I don’t think Billy Bush is talented, I don’t think he’s good at anything…his last name is Bush and I think that helps,” Shapiro said.

JD Sharp sarcastically pointed out Bush’s impeccable college lacrosse record. Apparently, he was co-captain of the lacrosse team at Colby College back in the early 90s.

Shapiro goes on to drive home his point of Bush lacking talent and points out Bush’s attempts at victimizing himself during the tape scandal. “I wouldn’t just laugh and move on…I would press them and ask another question,” Shapiro said

Sharp brought up the statements that Anthony Scaramucci made suggesting that Trump is intimidated by good-looking men driving Trump to make the statement as a way of impressing Bush. “Billy Bush is a decent looking guy so I can see Donald Trump making a statement like that to one up Bush in that situation,” Sharp said.

Shapiro feels that it’s not just good-looking men but anyone that threatens him in anyway. Shapiro points to recent firing of Trump’s third National Security Advisor John Bolton.  Both Sharp and Shapiro felt both situations are examples of Trump being insecure.

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