Violence is the paradox by which human civilization establishes peace.

America may not know it yet, but they are a city under siege. Like Constantinople glittering as the bejeweled throne at the heart of the world, America’s rivals have long-plotted a means to breach the walls, ransack the treasure vaults, desecrate its cherished landmarks, and dismember the empire.

Much of this has already begun.

Lethal ideology was delivered into American universities courtesy of European philosophers and global Marxist groups. Without dispatching a single soldier, America’s children set their own cities on fire and tore down the symbols of their republic.

This was the signal that rising superpowers around the world had been waiting for – a trail of smoke from across the Pacific… Russian President (for life) Vladimir Putin knew then that the world lay undefended.

Without America, global peacekeeping treaties are nothing but bits of paper. They burn as easily as civilians bleed.

Even NATO is meaningless without an American president willing to parachute into foreign conflicts. Putin has been testing the waters for some time, tip-toeing up to escaped USSR territories and then, if there are no American flags in sight, he declares himself a ‘liberator’. Borrowing from Hitler and Mao’s expansionist foreign policy, Putin claims that historical ethnicity and language are a good enough excuse to invade – which makes about as much sense as Australia pointing to its English-speaking sibling in New Zealand before sending over warships to ‘rescue them’ from their sovereignty. Putin’s acknowledgement of ‘independence’ in Ukraine’s outer regions is actually a ‘politically correct’ version of a Russian territorial claim.

Due to exceedingly short-sighted, idiotic, and naïve European politics, it no longer matters where you fall on the debate. Europe can bark and threaten Putin, but Russia has secured energy dominance over the continent while simultaneously building a formidable army. It even has China sitting on the bench wearing an ‘I heart Putin’ shirt. How these two superpowers are maneuvered will change the future of the world and decide whether communism or democracy wears the crown.


With Europe caged, a question mark hangs over America like the sword of Damocles. It will either fall into America’s hand or make a dreadful mess.

After the Marxist offensive, America has been left damaged, but even crazed lions can maul a village. It also has a confusing relationship with regions entangled with Russian interests, even though they chant things like ‘death to America’. Against its own geopolitical interests, American companies have been assisting China’s Belt and Road project, including President Biden’s suicidal decision to lift sanctions on Tehran, thus ensuring that China could finish its essential pipeline from Iran through Pakistan – a pipeline which solves China’s Malacca Strait problem should there be conflict in the Pacific.

This is the point where too many commentators get tied down trying to muddy the strategic waters with America’s complex history in Europe and diverse corporate investments as if they were somehow tent pegs meant to hold ‘keeping the peace’ in place. We must learn the lessons of the first and second world wars. What is coming is a hurricane. None of the things we thought mattered stand a chance when the unstoppable forces of rising empires come to blows.

Trade is forgotten. Businesses are stolen or destroyed. Expats are expelled. Borders are slammed shut and a completely different landscape emerges.

America does not have a clear ambition other than ‘please don’t fight and we’d like to keep being king’. Considering Biden has little idea how to achieve this and has positioned himself as a reactionary force, it is crucial to establish what China and Russia want.

China has developed into a mirror of Nazi Germany with aspirations to expand its territories and influence without end. Unchecked, the communist regime believes it can establish itself, not only as a regional superpower, but as the sole oppressive global entity. Within its immediate territory, China engages in ethnic and ideological cleansing, wishing not only to possess its neighboring territories, but to replace their populations with Han Chinese as they have been doing in the recently acquired ‘autonomous’ regions.

Russia wants China to pick a fight with America, preferably over a Pacific issue like Taiwan. It will then sit by and watch the rival superpowers destroy each other’s military assets. Regardless of the victor, Russia will be left as the de facto reigning empire with no one left of significance to stop Putin pursuing his KGB dream to re-establish the territories of the USSR and perhaps add a few new ones. He has been living as a Tsar for so long that he believes that he is one. The difference between Russia and China is that Russia has learned the lessons of past wars and understands that ruling over an empire requires allowing countries to keep their ethnic oddities. Conquering by overwhelming force is efficient, but ruling must be done with a softer touch to properly leave Russia’s newly captured states with a permanent case of Stockholm Syndrome. That way, they willingly defend the outskirts of the empire rather than requiring intensive surveillance like China’s autonomous regions.

Whether or not Putin can pull this off rests with America. America is the ‘king’ and it will either rise up and defend its empire or be dethroned in a brutal fashion.

America and Russia are still locked in a trade relationship, but America has drastically reduced its imports over time. In 2012, America imported over $34 billion from Russia which dropped to a low of $15.5 billion in 2016 and has recovered slightly to just shy of $18 billion in 2020. The largest components of this import are fossil fuels, precious stones, metals, pearls, iron, steel, and fertilizer.

The figures are slightly deceptive, as current imports are still well above the next to zero figure in 1992. However, America has deliberately weakened its natural resource supply so the trade calculations are not so much as a ‘bonus’ but a ‘necessity’.

Aside from its raw materials, Russia is one of the world’s principal wheat exporters with the European Union, Australia, Ukraine, the United States, and Canada.

When Trump was President, he began active preparations for resource management during war. Part of this was a renewed interest in bulking America’s domestic production of oil. The most dangerous part of the Democrat presidency under Biden may prove to be its relentless pursuit of Chinese renewable energy at the expense of its domestic supply of oil. While so-called ‘Net Zero’ environmentalists get to export their carbon guilt to Russia instead of mining the oil themselves, they will be left with a real apocalypse when Russia freezes its oil exports. Fuel is expensive in America now, but it will rise higher.

Any sudden disruption to America’s trade with Russia, China, and Europe – which is likely if events escalate from Ukraine being annexed to a larger land grab – could cause major problems for supply lines. Where Covid resulted in the odd empty shelf, the perfect storm of strife in Europe and the Pacific at the same time could leave America in a state of famine, civil chaos, and panic.

All of this would be made worse by a generation wholly incapable of looking after themselves in dangerous circumstances. How does the ‘safe-space’ ‘respect my pronouns’ generation that relies on UberEats slaves to bring them lunch from the café downstairs possibly survive in a time of crisis? America is a land of children looking for the next grievance to give them another week off school.

Americans should prepare themselves. Russia and China play for keeps and regardless of whatever future conflict the pair of them may engage in, for the moment they are likely to conspire to put America through as much pain as possible.

The trilateral trade deal AUKUS was a step in the right direction, but the entire West – headed by America – is going to have to develop fossil fuel supply lines, reliable food sources, and a military production line quickly and intelligently. Even simple things like growing food become difficult when Russia has market dominance over fertilizer supply.

That is the trouble of globalization. It’s not a new problem. Wars in the ancient world that cut off the supply of precious minerals toppled cities thousands of kilometers away.

The world has to stop looking at Russia as the architect of distraction.

Putin’s wars serve two purposes: To expand his domestic empire and to arm himself in the bigger war – the real war – World War 3.


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