Republican Presidential candidate Joe Walsh is taking on the monster that he helped create. The one-time Chicago congressman and conservative radio show host is challenging Trump for the Republican party nomination. Once known for his fiery tweets and fierce opposition to former President Barrack Obama, candidate Walsh now speaks out against a lot of the language that he feels made a candidate like Trump possible. “I really do believe that some of my rhetoric and the rhetoric of others put Trump in office,” Walsh said.

The former Congressman that got his start with the Tea Party Movement wants to get Republicans back to the issues and away from Trump. “Now you’re defined as a Republican by where you are on Trump,” Walsh said. Throwing his hat in the race and attempting to move the party away from Trump stems from Walsh’s belief that the man in the White House simply is not fit to be President.

Brian Shapiro, JD Sharp and Chris Winn question the presidential hopeful on a number of other topics. Everything from the moves to cancel Republican Caucuses in certain states, to his friendship Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway and the Sharpie Gate scandal. Walsh used the recent Sharpie drama as an opportunity to poke fun at the President, creating custom sharpies with the words “Don’t Lie” engraved on them.

Shapiro asked Walsh why it took two years for him to make up his mind on Trump to which Walsh responded, “I didn’t take Trump as seriously as I should of.”

Sharp brings up the point of both the Republican and Democratic parties being represented by aging Caucasian males. Walsh agreed that the trend was alarming but then outlined the importance of each candidate being judged and voted on as a “full package.”

Walsh joins Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts and Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina in the list of Republican candidates aiming to win the party’s nomination.

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